Title: The Amazing JAG Race (part 1) Author: Daphne E-mail: Srtaborradora84@yahoo.com Archive: Let me know if you do Disclaimer: I don't owe them and I have no money so don't sue me. Category: Crossover (Amazing Race/JAG), H/M Romance eventually (cuz that's what I do, lol), with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure Rating: PG-13 to be safe Summary: Harriet enters Harm and Mac into the Amazing Race. Can they work through their issues to succeed in the game? Spoilers: Picks up with the way their relationship stands now in the 9th season Author Note: Don't ask me where this idea came from because I honestly don't know, lol. It just.popped into my head the other day so here it is.


Harriet excitedly dashed through the bullpen towards the office of Commander Harmon Rabb, a smile spreading across her face when she spied Colonel Mackenzie sitting across from him. She hurriedly knocking on the door, "Sir, Ma'am, I'm very sorry to interrupt you, but do you have a moment?"

Harm looked up from the file in front of him, an amused glint in his eyes at the younger woman's enthusiasm. "Sure, come on in."

Harriet almost squealed as she sat down in the chair beside Mac. "I know that it wasn't my place, but I couldn't resist and I didn't think you'd actually get chosen. But, I honestly think you two would make a wonderful team. And it would probably be really good publicity. And.and." She stopped to catch her breath.

Mac laughed softly. "Slow down, Lieuteneant. Now, what are you talking about? What were Harm and I chosen for?" She opened the letter that Harriet handed her, her eyes widening several times as she read it.

"Mac, what is it?" Harm stood and went around being her, reading the letter over her shoulder.

Mac's breath caught slightly as his warm breath tickled the back of her neck causing her hair to stand on end. Even though things were still ackward between them, she wouldn't lie and say he still didn't have an effect on her. She shook herself mentally. "We've um.been chosen to compete on the new season of the Amazing Race." She informed him.

"We've what?" He chuckled slightly and took the letter. "But we didn't apply for it."

"I put you two in, sir." Harriet grinned proudly. "I think you two would do great, maybe even win."

Harm looked down at Mac. "Well, it might be fun."

Mac's eyes widened again, surprise etched in her features. "I.are you serious? You really think we should do this?"

"Well, I think that if the Lieutenant here went through all the trouble, we might as well give it a try." He shrugged, smiling slightly. "Aw come on, Mac, what's the worst that could happen? We lose, so what?"

Mac's mouth moved several times before anything actually came out. "How are we supposed to get the time off to do this?"

"We explain to the Admiral that it's a..recruiting thing. We'll both plug the military and JAG as much as possible during our time on the show."

"I.I don't know, Harm." Mac took the letter back and read over it again.

"I'll leave you two alone to talk." Harriet chirped and headed into the bullpen, Harm taking her seat.

"I mean, you and I.I mean, we haven't really even been around each other much at all in the past six months. And our relationship is a bit.rocky to say the least."

Harm nodded his understanding and waited until she met his eyes. "I think that this might be good for us. We wouldn't be able to run from each other and we'd be forced to work as a team again. It might help."

Mac searched his eyes for a few minutes before sighing and nodded her consent. She had to laugh at the 'little boy on Christmas morning' expression that spread across his face.

"Really?" He grinned.

"If we can get the time off, then sure. I'm in." A gasp of surprise escaped her lips when Harm grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the chair and through the bullpen to the Admiral's office.

"We need to speak with him if he has a moment, Coates."

Jen looked up a bit startled and was even more perplexed to see the same expression on the Colonel's face. She hit the intercom, "Sir, Commander Rabb and Colonel Mackenzie are here to speak with you."

AJ groaned. //Oh Lord.// "Send them in." He said reluctantly.

Harm grinned and led Mac into the office.

"YOU WANT TO WHAT?!" The Admiral's voice boomed a few minutes later, grabbing the attention of everyone in the bullpen.

"Sir, I think that it'd be good promotion for the both the military and JAG. And." He looked over at Mac. "I think it'd be a good partner- building excersize for the Colonel and I to help us get back on track."

AJ studied them both. "Do you agree with this, Colonel?"

Mac nodded. "Yes, sir. I think it's just what the Commander and I need to rebuild the partnership. And I think that we'll work much better together upon our return. And we may not even be gone that long. It all depends on how far we make it in the game."

He continued to study them. "I expect you two to win this thing, understood?"

Harm grinned. "Aye aye, sir."

"Then, good luck. Dismissed."

They both snapped to and left the office before laughing softly.

"Well, partner." Harm smiled.

"This will be.an interesting adventure, that's for sure." Mac laughed and returned to her office.