Amazing JAG Race Part 13

Episode 11 Catherine's Palace – Russia

After crying and sleeping in Mac's arms, Harm approached the mat refreshed and relaxed. There were only four teams left which meant that the race was almost over and he was prepared to do everything in his power to have them finish at the top.

Mac felt his eyes on her. "What?" She blushed faintly.

"I've just been thinking about our wedding. And of course…our honeymoon." He winked.

"I have no doubt." She smiled, ripping open the clue. "Oh Lord." She laughed. "Travel to Venice, Italy."

Harm grinned. "Ready for me to romance you right off your feet?"

"I'm ready to complete this leg of the race if that's what you mean." She poked his arm. "Let's go." She pulled him to their car, driving quickly to the airport.

All four teams ended up on the same flight to Venice and Harm spent the flight buttering Mac up. He couldn't help it. He loved her shy smile and the way it caused her eyes to twinkle. He loved the faint blush that would color her cheeks. Things were beginning to feel so easy between them. Soft kisses were becoming very natural and his arms felt empty when she was wrapped in them. He was no longer hesitant when he went to touch her or take her hand. Everything was beginning to feel so…right. They had to win the race so this would become permanent. He knew he couldn't just go back to being "just friends" with her when he knew how complete he felt when they were more. He finally had Sarah MacKenzie and he wasn't about to let her go.

When the plane landed, Mac led him off the plane to the clue box waiting outside. "Detour."

In this detour, teams must choose between 'waterway' and 'pathway'. In waterway, teams will ride a gondola and follow a map to the clue box. They may not ask for directions. In pathway, teams must walk a maze of paths to the clue box. They will be able to ask for directions.

"Definitely waterway…it's more romantic." Harm grinned.

"I don't care how romantic you are…you're not getting laid."

"Yet." He smirked causing her to laugh.

"Yet, huh?"

"Yep…it is your wifely duty, you know?" He joked causing her to laugh more.

"I suppose you're right. But we have to win this race for it to become a duty for me."

"We'll win. I'm sure of it." He pulled her over to the marked gondolas and helped her in before following her directions.

"This really is beautiful, Harm."

"We'll have to come back when we can really enjoy it."

"I'd really like that."

They didn't have a problem finding the clue box. "You give pretty good directions, Baby."

"No more mixed signals?" She smiled softly.

"No, I think I'm reading your signals pretty well now." He pulled her gently into his arms. He kissed her softly before opening their clue. "Enter the marked building with a photo which you will match with a mask worn by someone at the party inside. Many of the masks are similar so be cautious. If you're wrong, you must go to the back of the line. Only two players may be inside at one time."

"You got this one?"

"Yep. It isn't food, so I can manage." He kissed her cheek before grabbing their photo. They were the first team to arrive at the roadblock, so Harm was able to go right in. He found the mask quickly and returned to her. "Ready?"

"I'm impressed, Sailor."

"Why is that? You know how attentive I can be." He joked.

"Well…that's true." She opened their clue. "Get to the pit stop at Citti de Pandora. Warning, the last team to arrive may be eliminated."

They ran to the cabs, taking it to the pit stop before sprinting to the mat.

"Harm and Mac, you're team number one. As a reward for your first place finish, Travelocity will be giving you an all expense paid trip for two back to Venice for you two to enjoy after the race."

Harm beamed. "Excellent.

"And you two are in the final three teams."

"That's even better." He wrapped his arm around her waist. "Not long now, Sweetie."

"Just don't think that you're getting out of buying me a ring by doing this deal thing."

"What makes you think that I don't have a ring for you already?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Do you?" She stared up at him.

"Maybe…maybe not…I guess you'll find out soon." He led her away from the mat to the waiting food.

"You're infuriating."

"I've been told that before. But what is it that you've been telling me? Oh yeah, focus on the race."

She laughed. "Brat."

Andy and Bev stepped onto the mat five minutes after Harm and Mac. They had done pathway and Bev had completed the roadblock.

Melissa and Gerry stepped onto the mat two minutes after them. They had done pathway as well and Melissa had completed their roadblock.

Finally, Pete and David stepped onto the mat five minutes later. They had done pathway as well and David had done their roadblock.

"Pete and David you're the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you that you've both been eliminated from the race."