"We didn't make it did we", whispered Spike as the Scooby gang was in a white room

"No you didn't but you did all that you could do", comforted Joyce as she appeared

"Mom", stated Buffy and Dawn at the same time

"This isn't what I wanted for you my darlings but at least you can't suffer anymore", said Joyce as she hugged the two

"You have all earned this so breath and relax", smiled Joyce as a side of the white room changed

"Mom", whispered Spike

"Mom, Dad, Sister", followed Angel

"What took you so long Liam", asked Angels Sister as she hugged him

"You've earned your paradise as you have redeemed yourselves", smiled Annie as she hugged Spike

"Hello Xander how have you been, asked Anya as she stood in front of him

"Good and you", asked Xander

"I've missed you a lot", answered Anya

"My brave girl", cried Xander as he took Anya into his arms

"Jenny", whispered Giles as he approached her

"Tara", whispered Willow when she saw her

"We may not have defeated the apocalypse but everyone's finally happy and whole", smiled Spike as he took Buffys hand

"And you know this is only a new beginning it's not the end", added Buffy as they followed their friends and Family