Author's Note: Started as drabble #3... then I fell in love with it. So chapter one appears from the initial 15 minutes... (which was more like half an hour).

The characters aren't mine. Mild shonen-ai romance. Live with it.

With a loud *CLOP*, Kikumaru sent a tennis ball streaking across the court.

"Game and Match!"


Kikumaru laughed, and pushed his hands down into his pockets, "Good match today, ne, Oishi?"

Oishi smiled at his old doubles partner, walking just ahead of him, his red hair bouncing in time with his overly-animated step. "You've been playing well lately."

Eiji whirled around quickly, walking along backwards and gesturing wildly, "Ah, but what about that guy O-chibi played? He had a neck like a giraffe!"

Oishi laughed, half at how Kikumaru's antics must look to the strangers they passed, half at the observations made by the exuberent boy, "Ah, but what about that horrible purple hair?"

"Nya, it looked slimy, didn't it, Oishi?"

"Very!" Oishi glanced down at his watch and shook his head. "Ne, Eiji? It's almost 7:30 already, want to just grab supper at my house?" He looked back up to see the reaction to his offer and almost ran straight into Kikumaru, who had stopped dead and was staring at him. An uncharacteristic look of seriousness. Oishi glanced down to the side, "Eiji, what..."

"Oishi." The red-head interrupted him, his voice nearly flat. It was unnerving to see him act like this, a mixture of sadness and concern. "Oishi..." He suddenly grinned ear-to-ear. Unable to hold the act any longer, he grabbed Oishi in an enthusiastic bear hug, "Ah, if you keep feeding me I'm going to get fat!"

Oishi grinned as Kikumaru hurried him along, rattling off memories of meals past and all his expectations for meals of the future. He should have known that a serious moment was impossible with him. Kikumaru was like an explosion of life.

"Ne! And we can have jello for desert!"