Author note: Little Ethan does not exist in this story. Couldn't figure out how to incorporate him into the story. This story is set 8 months after Ethan and Gwen's wedding. Gwen is 8 months pregnant and Theresa is 4 months pregnant. Fox and Theresa have been married only four months. Theresa got pregnant on their honeymoon. T.C and Simone left after Liz exposed Eve. Liz didn't tell TC whom Eve had been with but it didn't matter, he still left her. And After Chad and Whitney were married without TC's consent, Simone left with TC claiming her sister stole her man. Enjoy. Please review too.

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* thoughts *

The room was silent after Fox and Theresa's announcement. Gwen didn't believe it. Theresa and Fox were married and had a baby on the way. * I don't believe it. It's gotta be a ploy to get Ethan. *

"Will someone please say something?" Fox stated breaking the silence.

"You couldn't just wait to get your claws into another one of my sons, could you Theresa?" Ivy hissed as she glared at Theresa. "Trying to make Ethan jealous? Well, It's not going to work. Ethan is happily married to Gwen. They have a child on the way."

"Ivy, believe it or not, but I do not love Ethan or want him anymore. I wish both Gwen and Ethan all the happiness in the world. I hope that they are happy because I am happy with Nicholas. " Theresa said smiling up at Fox. Hearing Ivy start laughing, Theresa turned and glared at Ivy.

"Oh right. I'll believe that when monkeys fly. How much did she pay you to marry her huh, Fox? And why is she calling you Nicholas? I thought you hated to be called that."

"Mother, shut up. Theresa did not pay me. I fell in love with her. I asked her to marry me. She didn't even admit that she loved me until I admitted that I loved her first. And I love it when Theresa calls me Nicholas. It is an endearing term when she says it."

"Just wait until Alistair hears about this. It will have it annulled before that little tramp gets anything." Ivy sneered.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, Ivy. But Alistair already knows and he is thrilled about it. And whether or not you believe it or not, I love Nicholas. With all of my heart." Theresa stated turning and gazing at Fox. Gwen was amazed as she stood there watching Theresa and Fox. The look in Theresa's eyes is what amazed Gwen the most. The look was the same look that she used to give Ethan. Gwen could see Theresa's love for Fox shining through her eyes.

"That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. All that tramp wants is the Crane money. That's why she married you. That and to make Ethan jealous. She will never love you. She will always be a trampy gold digger. How can you possibly believe that she will ever love you? She is incapable of loving anyone. Little Miss Tacocita will always want Ethan. You will never be anything but an Ethan replacement to her." Rebecca remarked sneering at Fox and Theresa. Fox flinched as soon as the words 'Ethan replacement' left Rebecca's mouth. Theresa felt Fox stiffen beside her. Placing her hand on his arm she smiled at him when he looked down at her.

"Rebecca, shut up. I love Fox with all of my heart. He is not an Ethan replacement to me. He is so much better than Ethan for me. I love him and I would still love him if he had no money and was a homeless bum on the street. I would love him if he had a different name. I don't care about the Crane money. That's the difference between you and me Rebecca. I married for love where you married for money. Everyone knows you married Jonathan Hotchkiss for his money and now you are after the Crane money. That's why you are whoring yourself to Julian. You are whoring yourself to someone who doesn't even love you and what's worse is you know it too. You know that Julian is in love with someone else yet you are still trying to get him to marry you. You are the gold digger Rebecca, not me."

"You are nothing Theresa. You will always be nothing but a housekeeper's daughter."

"Listen you gutter sow, I may be only a housekeeper's daughter, I may not have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth like you, and I might have been born on the "wrong side of the tracks" but I have more class in my little finger than you have in your entire body. At least not everyone in town has had a piece of me. You unfortunately can not say the same " Theresa snapped.

"Why you little." Rebecca started advancing on Theresa but was stopped when Fox moved in front of her.

"Go near my wife Rebecca and you will regret it. You and my mother have hurt her for the last time and if you go near her or speak to her like that again, I will, I swear to you, I will finish what she started when she threw my mother out. And I honestly do not think that my father will stop me."

"Pookie, don't let him talk to me like that." Rebecca whined.

Sipping his brandy, Julian gazed at the couple. "I hardly think anything I say, Fox will listen to. So. Father knows about this little predicament you've gotten yourself in."

"Actually Grandfather has changed if you can believe it. And yes he does know and is happy about it. He thinks Theresa has potential as a fashion designer and is thrilled about the money she will bring in. You do remember that while she was vice president of Crane Industries, the money brought in tripled."

"How could I forget? Father was so pleased. Just reminded him of what a failure I was to Crane Industries." Julian remarked.

"Well, I for one am happy for them. Congratulations guys." Gwen stated as she held out her hand. Theresa stood there stunned but when she looked into Gwen's eyes and saw honest and true happiness for them there, she took her hand and shook it. * Now that Theresa is married, Ethan will finally remember whom he married. Now he will forget about her. * Gwen thought smiling as Ethan walked into the mansion.

"Gwen, I'm home."

"In the living room Ethan." Strolling into the room, Ethan did not notice Fox and Theresa. Kissing Gwen' cheek, Ethan finally turned around and noticed that Theresa was in Fox's arms and was gazing up at him lovingly. Jealousy flashed in his eyes but he quickly masked it before anyone noticed. "Honey Fox and Theresa have great news."

"What's this great news that you two have?" Ethan said bitterly. * Why is Theresa staring at him like that? And why is she so close to him? She is mine. Why is she giving him that look? That is my look. It is only for me. *

"Well half brother. I'd like you to meet my wife whose is pregnant with my child. Oh wait, silly me, you two already know each other. My wife, Theresa Crane."

"Isn't it great Ethan?" Gwen purred as she took Ethan's hand in hers. Glaring at his wife, Ethan pulled away her and stalked to the alcohol cabinet, slammed open the door and poured himself a shot of whiskey. Tears began to gather in Gwen's eyes but she was determined not to let him see how much he hurt her, she forced a smile on her face and turned back to Theresa and Fox.

"Yeah, wonderful. Just wonderful." Ethan sneered as he gulped down his drink. The burning alcohol didn't dull the pain of his heart. * No. It's not true. Theresa would never marry him. She loves me. She said she would always love me. * Ethan's mind screamed as he poured himself another drink. No one noticed that Julian, Rebecca and Ivy had left the room.

"I can't believe he married that tramp. I won't accept her as my daughter- in-law. I'll die first." Ivy hissed.

"Did you hear what she called me? That bitch. I'll teach her to talk to me like that." Rebecca sneered.

"You both will leave Theresa alone. They both deserve happiness after everything they have been through. Especially after everything we have put Theresa through. She went up against the biggest bitches in Harmony and she is still standing. They love each other and they are happy. And they will stay happy, because if not I vow to destroy anyone who ruins that happiness. Leave her alone. Or I guarantee you will regret it if you don't." Julian hissed at them.

"Why Julian, when did you grow a heart?" Ivy barked.

"When I saw how happy my son is and when I saw the love for him shining through Theresa's eyes. I had a love like that once and I lost it because I was not strong enough to fight for it. And ever since then my life has been hell and I will not let my son go through the same hell. If Fox can forgive me for all the horrible things I have said and done to him then I plan on starting over with him. But heed my voice, leave Theresa alone." Julian and Rebecca went upstairs to their own rooms and Ivy went to hers. Back in the living room Gwen was making a decision as Ethan proceeded to get drunk. Strolling over to Theresa and Fox who were completely engrossed in each other, Gwen lightly touched Theresa's arm.

"Theresa, could I talk to you for a minute? Outside on the terrace."

"Umm. I guess so. Be right back Nicholas." After kissing Fox's cheek, Theresa followed Gwen outside. "So you wanted to talk to me about something?" * God I hope she doesn't accuse me of marrying Nicholas to get Ethan. I don't want to fight about this anymore. I don't want to fight with her anymore. *

"God, this is difficult. Mostly because I never thought I would be saying this to you. But here goes, I'm sorry."

* Did Gwen just say that she was sorry? I must be dreaming. * "Sorry? For what?"

"For everything. It was my mother and I who sent Ivy's letter to the tabloid. I was so angry you and Ethan. Things just got so out of hand. I know that you and Ethan never meant to hurt me. You two just fell in love. If I had planned the wedding with him instead of having you plan it with him, you two probably would've never gotten that close. Lord knows it takes two to fall in love. I know it wasn't just you, even though I tried to make it out to be. I'm just really sorry for everything that I did to you. Can you forgive me for sending the letter from your computer?"

"Yeah. Ethan and I were just not meant to be. I thought I would be angry when I found out who really sent the letter but I'm not. I actually don't care. I honestly never meant to hurt you. Everything with Ethan just happened. I'm sorry too. Can you forgive me?"

"As long as you forgive me and we can try and be friends. Deal?"

"Deal. I never thought that we'd be able to have a civil conversation with each other without being at each other's throats." Theresa said laughing.

"I know. But the past is the past. All we can do is look to the future and make it better. So how is your pregnancy going? How's the morning sickness?"

"I actually haven't had very much morning sickness. But when I do, I usually eat saltine cracker before I get out of bed and that usually helps."

"Really? That helps you. God that just made me sicker." Sighing Gwen turned and looked out over the vast grounds. "He still loves you, you know? He was going to propose to you before I told him I was pregnant. If I hadn't gotten pregnant, you two would've been married. I know he only married me because I was pregnant. I just thought that maybe he would forget about you once we were married." Gwen said starting to cry.

"Yes, I know he still loves me but I don't love him. I mean I do love him but not like I used to. It's different now; it's more of a friendship type of love. If you hadn't gotten pregnant, I don't doubt that we would be married but then I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now. I love Fox more than I have ever loved anyone. He loves me too. Faults and all. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father of my child. I know that Ethan loves you. But you and I both know Ethan. He is a stubborn man. He was raised a Crane. Give him time. He will forget me. I know you love him. Please don't cry. Just think of your beautiful baby and how much love you are going to give that baby. Whether Ethan is around or not. You are going to be a great mother Gwen. I promise you."

"I don't want to talk about Ethan. Tell me about your wedding."As Theresa and Gwen continued to talk, Fox gloated to a tipsy Ethan.

"I can't believe Theresa's my wife. And the mother of my child. I can't imagine a better woman to be my wife."

"Fox, shut up. I know that Theresa loves me and will always love me. You are nothing but a playboy who will hurt her."

"Hurt her? You mean like you hurt her? You proposed to another woman in front of her after declaring your love for her only hours before. I would never do that to her. I love her and she loves me. It must really kill you to know that it is my name that she screams at night instead of yours." As Fox finished Ethan let out a yell and lunged at Fox. As Ethan's fist slammed into his face, Fox thought of Theresa. Running into the room, Theresa and Gwen rushed to the to men fighting on the floor and finally pulled them apart. Anger burned in Ethan's eyes and he pushed Gwen away as she tried to comfort him. Rejected once again by her husband, tears began to gather once again in her eyes, but she quickly blinked them away and started to pick up the broken pieces of furniture and glass. Fists clenched at his sides, Ethan was forced to watch the tender scene between Fox and Theresa play out before him. Theresa had grabbed a tissue from the box on the table and was dapping at Fox's now split and bleeding lip. Looking over the rest of his face, she lightly ran her hands lovingly over his face. Satisfied that he was all right, Theresa turned to Ethan and he took a step back when he saw the anger burning in her eyes. He had never seen her so angry.

* Why is she so angry with me? She can't possibly love him. No she loves me. * Ethan's mind screamed.

"What the hell were you doing?" Theresa yelled. "How dare you hit him? What did you think you were doing?"

"Shutting his lying mouth. I won't stand here and listen to him say these things about you and him. Stuff that is not even true."

"What stuff that is not true?"

"That you two are in love and are having a baby. That it is his name you scream at night." Laughing Theresa turned to Fox.

"Honey you didn't have to say that." Turning back to Ethan her laughter stopped abruptly. "He's not lying Ethan. We are married, and we do have a baby on the way. And Yes if you must know it is his name that I scream at night. So what right do you have to hit him?"

"I warned him to stay away from you. He is bad news and besides he is my brother so I can hit him I if I want."

"He is your half brother. You have no right to say who is allowed to be a part of my life. You have no right to tell anyone to stay away from me. Why would you tell him that?"

"He is nothing but poison and he will just end up hurting you." Ethan said sneering at Fox. Theresa started laughing hysterically after Ethan said this. "What is so funny?"

"YOU didn't want him to hurt me? Well that is just funny to me." Theresa said still laughing.

"What the hell does that mean?" Ethan snapped his hands itching to be wrapped around Fox's neck.

"You are warning someone not to hurt me when you are the one who hurt me the most. Do you realize everything I did for you Ethan? I was willing to sacrifice my life for you. More than once. And it was never good enough. I was never good enough for you. You put me up on this pedestal Ethan and expected me to stay there. Yet when I fell, you turned your back on me. Nicholas loves me and I love him. He put me on a pedestal too. But when I fell this time it was Nicholas who helped me back up there. You continuously told me to move on with my life and I have. Nicholas and I are married and you have to accept that. You were my past, Ethan. Nicholas and our child are my future. So stay out of my life." Grabbing Fox's hand, Theresa gave Gwen a sympathetic look, and she and Fox walked upstairs to their bedroom.

"Ethan, are you coming to bed?" Gwen asked. * Why can't you just forget her? *

"No. I'll be up later. You go on up." * God, I need a drink. She loves me. She loves me. She loves me, not him. She'll leave him. She'll be back. She loves me. She will always love me. *