Ethan was buried the next day. Not one single person went to his funeral. Not even Ivy. She just couldn't believe that her precious son could do what he did but one day about four months after his death; Ivy sat with Theresa and asked her questions. Theresa explained the truth to Ivy. At the end of their conversation Ivy was balling with Theresa and Ivy finally saw what kind of monster her eldest son had turned into.

"Do you hate him Theresa? After what he did to you and Fox?" Ivy asked wiping the tears away.

"I used too. But God tells us that we must forgive those who hurt us. Ethan wanted things that he couldn't have. And he was willing to hurt everyone to get what he wanted. He was willing to do anything for it. At a time I was the same way. But if Ethan had not married Gwen then Nicholas and I would not have fallen in love and gotten married. Ethan chose the easy way out of things. But no I don't hate him. I pity him. But I don't hate him."

Hugging Theresa, Ivy left the room with a new found respect for the young girl who was married to her youngest son. Phyllis walked into the room with the cordless phone.

"Mrs. Crane, Dr. Spellman for you."

"Thank you Phyllis. Hello Dr. Spellman. How are you? That's good. How is your wife? Visiting her mother? You must miss her terribly. What? Say that again? Are you sure? Really? Thank you. You have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you again." Hanging up the phone Theresa smiled silently to herself. She had a lot to do before Nicholas came home that night. A lot to do.

About 7 that night Fox strolled in the front door to find the mansion covered with candles and sitting on the front table was a note with his name on it. Picking it up he read…

My Darling Nicholas,

Follow the roses until you find me. It's our 8 month wedding anniversary and I have a surprise for you. Come find me, my love.

Always Yours, Resa

Looking around the mansion, Fox found the trail of roses leading up the stairs. Up stairs he found another note. It read…

You're getting closer my love.

Fox was quite intrigued by what his lovely wife was doing. So deciding to play along he followed the roses to the bed room. Pushing open the door, he saw her. Standing in nothing but a big red ribbon. Seeing her with her long black hair shining in the candle light and the red ribbon glowing against her skin made his jaw drop and his body tightened in response.

"You found me." She said seductively. "Don't you want to open your present early?" He forced himself to walk slowly to her. It would not to at all if he just pounced on her. When he reached her, he pulled the ribbon off and gathered her close to his body. "You are wearing far too much clothing Mr. Crane. I think it's your turn to lose clothing." Soon Fox was as naked as she was and he pulled her close to him once again. Kissing her passionately Fox scooped her into his arms and tread to the bed. Laying her down upon the sheets, he propped himself above her on his elbows to look down at her.

"I love you. It's never been anyone but you. It will never be anyone but you. You are beautiful. When I thought I lost you, I couldn't breath. It was a though a huge piece of my heart went missing. And the only thing that could fill that spot was you. I love you so much." Fox said softly gazing at her. Reaching up, Theresa cupped his face between her hands.

"And I love you. Always and forever. Nothing will ever change that." Pulling his face to hers she kissed him passionately and they made love until the wee hours of the morning. The next morning as Fox lay sleeping on his back with his arms around Theresa, she lay awake.

"Nicholas my love, are you awake?" Grunting Fox mumbled in his sleep. "Are you awake?"

"Hmmuumuyyesss." Fox mumbled. "I'm awake." Fox mumbled not fully awake yet.

"Good, cause I have something to tell you. Dr. Spellman called yesterday to tell me some great news."

"Yeah?" Fox mumbled.

"I'm pregnant." Theresa whispered. "With twins."

"Okay honey that's great." Fox said still sleeping. Smiling Theresa knew he had heard her in his sleep. Kissing him she climbed out of bed and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. About twenty minutes later, while sitting in the kitchen drinking a small glass of decaffeinated tea, Theresa heard a thud from above her head in her bedroom and then a crash and followed by Fox bellowing out her name as he clamored down the stairs. Ivy and Gwen who was feeding Sara just looked at Theresa with a puzzled look and Theresa laughed.

"I told him something while he was sleeping and it just finally registered."

"Theresa Marie Crane, where are you? How can you tell me something like that while I was sleeping and not wait for me to fully wake up for me to respond?"

Laughing Theresa called to him from the kitchen. "In the kitchen sleepy head."

The kitchen door swung open and there was Fox standing in the doorway in nothing but his boxers. Gwen stifled a giggle at his face. His hair was sticking out everywhere. And his face was a look of confusion, surprise and distress.

"Is it true?" He asked Theresa excitedly. Nodding her head Theresa just smiled at him. Giving a shout of happiness Fox wrapped his arms around her and picked her up and spun her around. Kissing her passionately, he put her on the ground.

Gwen and Ivy looked confused and at Fox's yell, Julian, Eve, and Alistair all camerunning into the kitchen.

"What is going on? Why did Fox yell?" Eve asked.

"Should we tell them?" Theresa questioned.

"Yeah. I guess they should know. I mean they are going to be grandparents so I guess they should know." Fox stated. Everyone gasped at his comment and then the room exploded in shouts of happiness.

"How far along are you?" Gwen asked.

"About 3 months."

"You're big for three months Theresa. I should take a look at you."

"No, its fine I'm supposed to be larger than normal. That usually happens when you have twins." Again the room exploded with happiness.

"Does the rest of the family know?"

"Yes I called Mama yesterday and she told everyone. And I think I hear everyone coming up the walkway." Right as Theresa said that the front door burst open and Pilar, Luis, Sheridan, Whitney, Chad, Miguel, Charity, followed by the children clamored into the mansion. For the rest of the day, the women went shopping for maternity clothes and nursery items. These kids were going to have the best and the women made sure that Theresa was comfortable the whole day.

Six months later---

"Resa, could you come down here and bring the triplets." Fox still couldn't believe that he and Theresa had triplets. At first they thought they were only having twins but about 5 months into the pregnancy, they found out they were having triplets. One baby was hiding from them the first couple of times they had seen them on the sonogram.

"What? I am almost done getting ready. Here take one. Handing Fox one of the babies she was hold, Theresa finished walking down the stairs and once Fox was sitting in the living room, she handed the other baby of to him and placed the other in Ivy's waiting arms.

"Someone here wants to show you something." Gwen stated as she held Sara up. "T, now you stand right there. Okay come on Sara; let's show Auntie Theresa what you can do." Letting go of Sarah, the little girl wobbled for a minute but soon started walking towards Theresa with her arms outstretched.

"Oh my god Gwen she's walking."

"Yeah, she's been doing it for a couple of days now all on her own. I knew that you would want to see it. T, thank you. If it hadn't been for you I would have never gotten to see this. Thank you for getting my little girl back to me."

"Well I am her god mother. And I know that you would have done the same thing for me if it was Paige, Nicholas, and Nadia in trouble. I know you would protect them. I had to protect her. How are things between you and Hank?"

"Things are great. He proposed yesterday. We are getting married next march."

"OH Gwen that's so exciting. I am so happy for you."

Everyone was happy now. Theresa still occasionally had nightmares about Ethan but they were rare and when she did have one Fox would hold her and then make love to her and she soon forgot about the nightmares. No one mentions his name anymore. Theresa and Fox still think about Ian. But they are happy thoughts because they know that they will see him again. Everyone was happy, because the nightmare of the coldhearted man was finally over and the evil that was in him was gone.


AN: I know it's a kind crappy ending. But its finals week and it's the best that I could do on short amount of time. Thanks to all those who emailed me and review and stalked me to finish it. I hope you like it. Have a great Christmas and New Year's everyone. oooo almost forgot, babies full names are Paige Gwyneth Crane, Nicholas Victor Crane and Nadia Tatum Crane. Just thought you might like to know that.