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Bold Parseltongue

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Philosophers Stone Slytherin Style!

Chapter 1:

A 5-year-old Harry Potter was sitting in his cupboard tapping his foot against the wall with a look of utter boredom on his face. His uncle Vernon had thrown him in there for around the 5th time that day. Harry had spilt orange juice all over Aunt Petunia because Dudley, his cousin, had punched him in the face and sent him flying backwards. Harry had to admit though; it had almost been worth the pain and the punishment to see a furious Aunt Petunia covered in bits of orange peal. Unfortunately, nobody else had found it even remotely amusing and Harry would probably be stuck in his cupboard for at least two days without any meals. Luckily Harry had discovered a way of unlocking the door to his cupboard. He just had to concentrate really hard on the door opening. The only problem was that he often became very tired and dizzy after doing it so mostly he just stayed put. But tonight Harry was very hungry so when he thought that the Dursleys were asleep, you could tell by the loud snoring from Uncle Vernon and Dudley, he sneaked out to the kitchen. Harry was just about to open the fridge and steal some cake when he heard a voice say How the hell can I get out of thisssss place? It'ssss like a mazzze and it'sss unnaturally clean.

Harry jumped and, looking down, saw a snake. It was quite small and black with silver markings. But what caught Harry's attention were its eyes. They were a deep purple colour. Harry, who you must remember was quite young, thought it must be a magic snake that could talk. How amazing is that? thought Harry and then said, Want help? I can show you the way out of here if you want.

You can speak, human? asked the snake amazed. My parentsss have told me of wizzardss that can talk to our kind but I never believed them.

Well I have never heard of snakes that can talk. Are you magical? And what do you mean by wizard? I'm Harry Potter by the way. Who are you? asked Harry, staring at snake in innocent curiosity.

My name is Nemesis, but you can call me Isis. And I sense magic in you, Harry Potter. After bewildered questions from Harry, Isis explained about the rudiments of the magical world.

So you mean that magic like in the fairy tails really exists. And I'm a wizard? asked Harry excitedly.

Yep, must be if you're a parselmouth, replied Nemesis.

Parselmouth? What's that? asked Harry, confused by all the new information loaded on him.

Well, it's someone who can talk to snakes. Very rare gift. But I wouldn't go around bragging about it if I were you, people don't like parselmouths, they think they're evil.

I'm not evil, said Harry indignantly. While his relatives daily reminded him of his 'freakishness' Harry never took any notice of them.

I know, I'm just saying what other people think, said Isis soothingly. Don't worry about it. Hey, would you mind if I stayed with you for a while? It gets kind of lonely on your own, you know?

Sure, said Harry happily, then immediately sobered up saying, I don't know though. My Aunt and Uncle would kill me.

They don't like snakes? asked Isis.

Well no, but that's not the point, said Harry and told her all about how horrible his Aunt and uncle were. In fact, once he got going, he ranted on and on for at least half an hour before stopping with a sheepish grin. Sorry about that. I tend to get a bit carried away.

No problem. They sssound awful. But what if I jussst hide. They don't ever need to know about me. How about it? Isis asked hopefully.

It might work. Not much harm in trying anyway. I'll show you to my room, replied Harry. When Isis saw his pitiful cupboard under the stairs she muttered something about biting the Dursleys for their idiocy.

You're not poisonous are you? asked Harry worried. Only I think the Dursleys will notice something's up if they all die of snakebites. They're stupid, but not that stupid.

Well, actually I am poissonousss. I'm a moon sssnake, she said proudly. When she saw Harry's blank stare she sighed and said That meansss I'm one of the mossst poissonousss ssnakes in the world. But don't worry. I won't bite anyone, she added hurriedly seeing Harry's rather scared face.

Okay then, said Harry yawning, too tired to get worked up over a venomous snake. Well, I'm going to nick some stuff to eat and then I'll head off to bed. You want something?

Muesssli would be nice, I like muesssli, hissed Isis dreamily.

Snakes eat cereal? Really? asked Harry, raising his eyebrows in disbelief.

What, replied the snake defensively. It's good for you. Extremely healthy and has few calories. You should eat some.

No thanks. I'm fine with a chocolate bar. I can't believe a snakes giving me nutrition advice, he replied, rummaging around in a cupboard.

Well, I guess you don't really need to diet seeing as you're stick-like already. I've seen grasshoppers with more fat on them then you.

Rolling his eyes Harry just headed off to his cupboard and curled up on his lumpy mattress. Isis, after realising that he wasn't listening, shut up and trailed after him. After slithering around trying to find a comfy position, she finally settled down, much to Harry's relief.

Goodnight, friend, hissed Isis, curling up. Harry felt a warm feeling spread through his stomach. He had a friend. The first friend he ever remembered having, as Dudley had always scared everyone off. Harry smiled, feeling content for the first time in years. Suddenly the Dursleys didn't seem that bad. Now that he had a friend he didn't care about them anymore. With this happy thought Harry fell asleep with Nemesis beside him.

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