Jason Braddock sat on the dusty sofa of the Munster's living room reading a magazine as he glanced up and looked at Grandpa. The old man grinned at him as he grinned back as the situation became somewhat tedious. Waiting for Marilyn to come up from the lab, Jason looked over to her Uncle Herman nonchalantly reading the paper with a bit of nervous and tired tension.

"So, Jason," Herman mugged as he looked up from the paper. "How do you like our Marilyn? Think she's.......... worthy enough to marry?"

"Herman!" Lily knocked her husband up the back of his head for being too forward.

"That's my son-in-law." Grandpa mused. "Mr. Subtle himself."

"Heh..." Jason mused a bit. "Sure, I mean, I think she's going to make someone a great wife. She's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met."

"Oh," Grandpa glanced to Lily and Herman as he made a face at that response. "I guess it
takes all kinds." He looked back to Jason and leaned over to him. "How well can you see me?" He waved his hand.

"Grandpa!!" Lily called to her father. Sometimes, she felt she had to be the parent and voice of reason in the family.

"No, he's right, Lily." Herman looked to his wife. "I accidentally smacked and broke Jason's glasses when he came in."

"You wear glasses?" Marilyn had appeared. She stood at the top of the trapdoor wearing different clothes from her date. Jason jumped up and met her as he gazed intently on her.

"Yeah, I removed them because I was afraid you wouldn't like me." He admitted. "You know, I don't know what I did to make you run out on our date, but... I want to apologize."

"You apologize??" Marilyn realized he was aware of all that was really happening around him. "But it wasn't you, you see, I...."

"Never mind what is was," Lily quickly reacted to keep them a couple. "The main thing is that you two are together and dating. Jason, I hope we'll be seeing a lot of you around here." She beamed to him hoping to know more about him.

"Yeah," Grandpa piped up with a suggestion from the generosity of his heart. "And maybe I can come up with a potion to cure your stigmatism....."

"No!!!" Lily and Herman stopped him from repeating another mistake.