Yea I know I have other fics to finish but this just popped into my mind. This is my first C&H fic, and I hope it'll turn out alright. I'm trying to keep the characters as close in character as possible. Please stick with me here, as it'll get more interesting in later chapters. ^.^; For for any question you'll have, leave a review and ask em, or wait and see what happens! All reviews, comments and suggestions are welcome. I'll read all flames too, but stupid ones will be laughed at! :p Oh, and all past events and thoughts are in italics, thanks! J


"Daaaaaaad Hobbes is taking MY half of the seat!" A small blond haired boy yelled. He sat in the back seat of the family car, an orange stuff tiger sitting next to him.

"Calvin, Hobbes is NOT taking your seat, will you please be quiet?" the boy's father snapped as he steered the vehicle down the darkened wet road. Calvin snorted irritably, and then looked out the window.  It was far too dark to see anything, other then the rain splattering the side window. He turned and looked at the passenger next to him.

"You're still on MY side of the seat!" Calvin snapped. An orange tiger about twice his height looked at him, bored.

"It's not my fault you have an elephant butt." He retorted calmly. This irked Calvin even more.

"DAD! Hobbes called me elephant butt!" he tattled. Hobbes stuck his tongue out at him, and mocked him.

"Calvin I won't tell you again! Please be quiet I'm trying to drive! Hobbes is not calling you anything!" his father snapped once more, growing impatient. He snorted at looked at his wife in the seat next to him. She sighed and shook her head.

"You're such a tattle." Hobbes stated quietly.

"And you're just a pain in the backside!" Calvin snapped at him again.

"Are you still angry because I beat you at Calvinball, again?" the tiger asked. "I mean it's not my fault I'm just oh so much better then you are…" he smirked.

"Why you rotten excuse for a fuzzball! You cheated!" he snapped back.

"Cheated?! Hey who ran through the crawling zone?!" Hobbes retorted, his own temper beginning to flare. The two began to argue, until Calvin's father could take no more. He leaned back in his chair to glance at the boy and his stuffed tiger, tired of the child's yelling.

"Alright Calvin that is enough! If I have to stop this vehicle you are going to regret it you hear me?!" he yelled angrily.

"It's Hobbes' fault! I hate him! I hate him! It's all his fault!" Calvin yelled at his father.

"Not another word Calvin, I'm sick of this, when we get home you-" Calvin's mother suddenly screamed, causing him to turn back to the road. The last anyone in the vehicle saw was two headlights coming out of the dark night.