Chapter 12- Deep Trouble

As Calvin staggered in the door, his mother was there waiting, and she was not happy.

"Calvin! Where have you been? You're counselor phoned and- Oh my god Calvin!" Seeing her sons' injuries she rushed to him. He looked up at her and chuckled weakly.

"Oh sure, now you care." He said half heartedly.

"What happened? Did you get into another fight!" She cried as she took him to the cough and sat him down. "Do you need a doctor honey?"

"Nah... I'm fine. Just another fight with Moe." He coughed and winced, holding his now tender side.

"Moe? Oh that horrible bully just never leaves you alone! I swear they should send him to Juvi or something!" She began to check him over, getting winces and short whimpers in reply.

"Mom… mom I'm fine. Really. I'm fine…" Calvin winced. "Hey mom, guess who I found?"

"Who Sweetheart?" she asked as she retrieved some medicine for him.

"Hobbes mom. I found Hobbes." He smiled, holding up the tiger. She only now noticed the plush animal, and stopped in her tracks.

"What…? But how…?" she turned and looked at Hobbes, then gasped. "What is that all over it's face?"

"Uhm…" Calvin fell silent. Hobbes gulped, having forgotten to wash his face. "It's… uh… Just paint. See, an old lady found him and she was going to a thrift store with him but then I helped her and she gave him to me... he's just dirty see? I just need to get him cleaned up." He replied quickly. His mother eyed him and the tiger for a moment.

"…And speaking of that toy, your counselor phoned me!" Her attitude seemed to change in an instant and she glared at him. "What did you think you were DOING touching her that way?" she shrieked.

"Mom I didn't! Hobbes did!" He snapped back.

"Don't you start this with me! You're not six young man!" she yelled at him.

"I'm telling the truth! I told Hobbes to do something to her so she'd see him and he grabbed her! Though I didn't say to do THAT!" Hobbes chuckled at the memory of this.

"Don't lie to me! Calvin I can't believe you would do something so sick!"

"Mom, I didn't! Damnit believe me for once! Hobbes did!"

"I am not dealing with this again Calvin! You can't blame everything on this stuffed toy! You're obsessive Calvin! You know that? You think this toy is alive but it's not! It's just not! I don't know where you found another one but enough is enough!" she shrieked, then snatched the toy form his arms.

"MOM! Give him BACK!" Calvin jumped for the toy but she pulled it away. "Give me Hobbes!"

"No! This ends Calvin! Tomorrow you're going back to your counselor, and this ratty toy is going into the dump!"

"No… No! I will not lose Hobbes AGAIN!" He suddenly lunged at her and snatched the toy, shoving her to the floor. She yelped and hit the floor with a thud, then looked up at him in shock. He fell silent and looked back. "… I… mom I…"

"…Get to your room Calvin…" her voice was almost a whisper. He didn't even argue, he just turned, and did as told.