Reincarnated Fear

Warning: This is yaoi and rape so don't read if this kind of stuff disturbs your weak constitution. If you can stomach this and or love this kind of stuff go ahead and read it and be sure to review. This is a Hades x Shun fic and Shiryu x Shun.

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Reincarnated Fear

A beautiful young boy sat in a wind swept meadow near a crystal clear river, he was enjoying a day of fun and relaxation with his friends. They had long ago deserved it and the princess had allowed them the privilege of relaxing their battle weary bodies. The boy himself had decided to separate from the others for a while so he could seek out a place peaceful and quiet. The others were loud and rowdy, well minus himself and a certain black haired boy named Shiryu.
Said boy had soft, inviting emerald green hair and slightly darker green eyes. He had a lithe body, not to muscular but still not lacking that appropriate definition. He had long slender legs and arms which held a hidden strength all their own. The most striking feature was his face, being slight feminine in structure with a soft, graceful beauty to it.
He was the perfect picture of sexy and kind. All anyone would want and he did have his share of men and women wanting him. He, like his friends, was not normal in anyway, no, he was a knight of Athena. He was the knight of Andromeda and like the others he was very young, in fact he was only 13 years old. He fought along side his friends even if he didn't believe in the heat of battle and the carnage it would bring. His friends and fellow knights were Seiya the knight of Pegasus, Hyoga the Knight of Cygnus (swan), Shiryu the knight of Dragon and his big brother Ikki the knight of Phoenix.
"Shun there you are." Came a gentle, soothing voice one the boy known as Shun knew all to well. He turned around and smiled happily up at the new comer. He too must have gotten tired of the wrestling the others were taking part in. "Shiryu what brings you here?" Shun said equally a soft and gentle. Shiryu smiled warmly and took a seat next to the Andromeda beauty. "Too loud." He said simply and looked out at the sparkling river before them. "I was looking for you Shun. It's getting late and Ikki sent me to find you."
Shun smiled and shook his head, "Obviously too busy wrestling to keep his pride intact to come find me." He answered with a sigh of self- satisfaction. Shiryu laughed softly and looked at the young boy. "You know him too well Shun. Yes I suppose that is true anyway though. But don't you think you should come back and have something to eat?" he asked and Shun nodded his approval.
Shiryu got to his feet and offered his hand to Shun who took it without a second's hesitation. Shiryu pulled the Andromeda Saint to his feet with one swift pull and Shun was sent reeling into the warm Dragon Saint's firm chest. "I'm sorry Shiryu." Shun mumbled behind a faint blush. "No Shun I pulled you up to hard." Shiryu said lightly and to Shun's ears it sounded like Shiryu had meant to do it. Shun blushed harder at the thought but soon shook his head lightly in order to rid himself of the thought that Shiryu liking him as more than just a friend.
"Shall we." Shiryu said brightly and wrapped his arms around Shun's waist and twirled him around in the direction the cabin they were staying at was in. Shun gave a slightly startle gasp as he was set down on the ground again. He looked up into the laughing face of his friend and felt himself blush again, "Don't do that Shiryu you scared me!" he said raising his voice a decibel. Shiryu only laughed harder, and hugged Shun to his warm body. "I'm sorry little Shun but I couldn't resist."
He let go of the green hair beauty and began to walk up the path to the rather large cabin they were staying in, "Are you coming Shun?" Shiryu called over his shoulder and Shun shook himself from his daze and ran after the other Bronze Knight.

Upon entering the cabin through the double doors (It was the Princess' cabin) both boys could hear yelling and struggling. "They are going to break something expensive if they keep this up." Shun sighed half- heartedly. Shiryu laughed and put his hand on Shun's shoulder, "Let them have their fun and we will see if they break anything." He said with a warm smile to Shun. "Come now you can help me prepare supper for the hungry bears in the den." Shun smiled and walked with Shiryu into the den where Seiya, Hyoga and Ikki were wrestling fiercely on the floor. None of them wanting to admit defeat but all of them obviously tired and soar.
Shun had to repress a bout of laughter at what he saw. For the blonde Hyoga was trapped bodily under Ikki with his arms pinned above his head and his hair fanning out in every direction. Ikki himself looked pleased and irritated all at the same time, seeing as how he had Seiya on his back with his arms fastened around his neck. It was obvious that the two younger saints had ganged up on the older of the two but apparently failed miserably to bring him down. Ikki was grinding Hyoga into the floor and Seiya was panting trying vainly to pull him off of a panting, flush faced swan.
Shun giggled for he knew that his older brother had a thing for the pretty, blonde Hyoga. He was probably relishing having the elusive Swan under his body. What a pervert brother he had getting off on Hyoga while wrestling. Shun felt a hand push at the small of his back and his twisted his neck to glance backward at Shiryu. Shun blushed and moved on to the kitchen to help with supper.

Shun set the last of the food down on the table while Shiryu was cleaning up and then proceeded to walking back into the den where their weary wrestlers were lying down on the floor. It seemed that Seiya didn't succeed in getting Ikki off of Hyoga for Hyoga was still trapped under Ikki and Seiya was lying atop Ikki. They were all panting harshly.
Shun laughed outright this time and the three of them glared at him, "I presume you had fun boys, but now it is time to eat and I think all three of you should go wash up your smell is offending." He laughed harder when they tried to get up to defend themselves. "Now go and clean up!" Shun yipped as Ikki wormed his way out from between Hyoga and Seiya and leapt at him. "Ikki!" Shun shrieked as his brother lifted his off his feet and tossed him onto the couch. "Shall we make my little minx of a brother take back his words boys?" Ikki pointed out and the other two grinned evilly and rose to their feet. "Oh no." Shun whimpered and tried to make a run for the kitchen where he knew he would be safe behind Shiryu. He didn't get far before Hyoga and Seiya grabbed his arms and hauled him back down onto the couch.
They climb on after him and each one pinned down his legs with one hand and his arms with the other. "Ikki no!!" he cried as Ikki jumped in and began to tickle him mercilessly. Shun screamed with laughter as his brother hit all his sensitive spots. "Please Ikki stop now! I take them back!" he gasped through his laughs. The tickling ceased and Hyoga and Seiya released him. He had laughed so hard that he had tears in his eyes. Ikki, Hyoga and Seiya went off to clean up and Shun stumbled back to the kitchen trying to catch his breath.
"Have fun." Shiryu asked when Shun appeared before him. His shirt was wrinkled and falling down off of his right shoulder. Shiryu licked his lips unconsciously at the small sight of warm creamy flesh. He fought down his urge to fasten his mouth to it. Shun straightened himself up and sat at the table. "Remind me never to antagonize those three again." Shun muttered and Shiryu laughed.

Supper had proceeded rather uneventfully, well minus the small food fight Seiya started with Ikki, which then proceeded into a large food fight. Shun had had enough after having to dodge flying cutlery and yelled at the lot of them to clean up the mess they had made. Shun then left the house and the food covered Bronze Knights behind. Shiryu didn't like the idea of Shun being out when the sun was about to go down and Ikki hated it even more. So Ikki sent Shiryu out after his baby brother while he, Seiya and Hyoga cleaned up the mess they had made.

Shun, on the other hand, had extradited himself from the large yard near the cabin and went of into the small woods in the back. He made his way down to the river where he had been mere hours before. He sighed half- heartedly and flicked what was left of the rice in his green hair out, then proceeded to brush other food bits off of his clothing. Once that was accomplished he sat down by the river once again. Shun brought his knees up to his chest and rested his forearms on then, he then pillowed his chin on his folded arms.
"Maybe I was to hard on them. They were just having fun after all." Shun whispered after a long pass. Shun moaned softly and fell back against the grass. He lay there staring mindlessly up at the ever-darkening sky. He could see the stars emerging and he smiled warmly. The stars always seemed to calm him. They were always bright and they reminded him that in order to get one up on life he had to be bright and kind to others. Ikki had once compared him to the stars, saying that they were bright and cheery looking like Shun was and that they had an ominously dangerous side like Shun did. That they could hide their dangerous intents behind an innocent faƧade much like Shun.
That was also when Ikki had given him the pentagram pendant saying it was from their mother. Shun lifted said pendant from his shirt and looked down at it and smiled. It was the only belonging he had of his mothers, he treasured it. He ran a slender finger over the cool metal and sighed. He wished he had known his mother, Ikki had told him that she was like an angel on earth. Ikki also said that he looked a lot like her.
Shun sighed again and rose to his feet. He didn't feel like sitting about and doing nothing so he decided he would walk instead. He turned to leave when he heard a strange whisper in the wind. It wasn't the wind at all and he felt like what ever it was, was beckoning him. He turned back around to look out over the river to see if he was truly alone and then he heard it again. Something much deeper than the wind itself, it sounded enticingly sweet. Still he could not make out what it was saying. ~Follow my voice, purity.~ Shun gasped when the call came louder but still not loud enough for anyone else to hear. ~Come to me, little pure one.~ and shun shivered.
He felt himself slowly walk in the direction of the deep, wind swept voice and found himself nearing the rivers edge. ~Come to the edge, sweet one.~ again the voice and it felt closer. ~Look.~ came the voice once again and Shun felt himself lean forward towards the river clutching his pendant to his chest. Shun looked down at the glassy water below him and gasped sharply for what he saw was not his own reflection. It was lat of another man, a man with dark black hair, dark eyes and sharp features. The man in the water was grin sadistically up at him and he felt his whole body grow cold with fear. The pendant in his hand was growing hot and he still would not release it. The man in the water was evil incarnate.
Shun wanted to pull away but his body would not respond to his wishes. ~Ah you are a lovely creature aren't you. Your body will do nicely, little one.~ the voice was at Shun's ear now and when he looked at the dark clad figure in the water his mouth was moving. Shun jumped when he felt a pressure wrap loosely around his neck and tightly around his waist. He looked down again and saw himself in the dark man's embrace. He tried to cry out, to struggle but his voice and body would not respond to him. He shivered when he felt an invisible body press against his own shaking one and heard a quiet laugh in his ear. ~Why do you fight me?~
There was no answer for he couldn't give one. He felt an invisible hand caress his hip and work its way down to his inner thigh to again caress the clothed flesh. Shun felt like throwing up but it wouldn't come. The other hand was stroking the pentagram pendant at collarbone. He shuddered once, twice and felt his knees become week and slowly his head fell back onto a chest that didn't exist. His arms became lax at his side and his vibrant green eyes became clouded and blank, his eyes half closed. Shun's breathing evened like when asleep and he slumped against the nonexistent body behind him. ~That's it surrender yourself to me.~ Shun moaned softly and moved languidly against the invisible body behind him. His mind was slipping into a hazed state and he nothing of what was happening around him. He saw nothing and only heard the voice of the dark man. He never heard someone call out his name.

"SHUN!!" Shiryu screamed when he saw the half limp Shun leaning towards to the water, about to fall in. Shiryu ran forward and wrapped his arms around Shun's slim waist and hauled him backwards. Shiryu didn't feel the presence of another for he was too worried about Shun. Shiryu lost his balance and fell to the ground dragging a none protesting Shun with him. In fact Shun made no noise what so ever.
Shiryu sat up and turned Shun so he could look at him and Shiryu gasped sharply at what he saw. Shun's eyes were vacant and dead to the world, clouded over with a more blackish green. The thing that freaked him out the most was that Shun's eyes had no pupils they were just one colour, the blackish green. "Shun!" Shiryu yelled desperately and shook Shun softly. Shun didn't respond to him and his head fell limply to the side.
"Shun say something! Snap out of it Shun!" Shiryu yelled at the unresponsive Andromeda Saint. He felt Shun's pulse and immediately pulled his hand away. Shun's skin was cool to the touch not warm as it should have been, but yet Shiryu saw no blood and had felt a pulse, all-be-it faint. Shiryu scrambled to his feet and scooped Shun into his arms, cradling him to his body. "Don't worry Shun I'll get you back to the cabin. The others may be able to help you!" the Dragon Saint said worriedly.
He had no idea what had happened to Shun. He had seen the body standing near the bank and was going to go talk to him when he had seen Shun slump slightly and his head roll strangely to one side. Then Shun had started to lean forward sharply. If Shiryu hadn't gotten to him in time, he would have fallen into the cold River and drown.
Shun rocked back and forth limply in Shiryu's arms as he ran swiftly through the trees and down the path back to the cabin and the others.

"There its finally all clean." Seiya moaned his relief and the other two tired Saints nodded exhaustedly. They followed Seiya into the den were all three of them proceeded to slump into a respected chair or couch. They all sighed their content and Hyoga was about to reach for the remote when the front door burst open with a deafening crash. All three Bronze Knights jumped a foot and then readied themselves for whoever decided to attack them in the comfort of their cabin.
They were sorely shocked when Shiryu came swiftly into the den cradling a pale Shun to his chest. "Shun!" Ikki cried and jumped over the couch to get to his brother more quickly. "What happened to him?" Ikki nearly shouted, "I sent you out there to make sure he wasn't hurt!" Shiryu stepped back a bit and glared at Ikki. "I don't know what happened. Shun was just standing near the river when I saw him slump slightly and his head fall limp. He started to lean towards the river but I got to him before he could fall in. Don't look at me like! I'm not mad just look at his eyes!" Shiryu said back slightly angered by the accusing look on Ikki's face.
"What do you mean his eyes." Hyoga asked and strode forward. When he looked down on Shun he gasped and pulled away, "His eyes are dead!" at that moment Seiya decided to se what Hyoga meant and Ikki was no better. They too looked at Shun's paled face and pulled away slightly. "They are dead. Where are his pupils? Why are they blackish looking? He can't be dead I mean he's still breathing for Athena's sake!" Seiya cried out and Ikki took Shun from Shiryu. "He's cold too." He said cradling Shun to him, "What's wrong with my brother?" he asked scared for Shun.
"Like I said I don't know he was like that when I got him. He must have been like that when he was standing too." Shiryu said again and Hyoga looked at Shun worriedly, "It doesn't make any sense then." Ikki shook his head and hugged Shun to his chest. "We need to get help now!" he barked, "Go phone for help!" he yelled to no one in particular.
Seiya ran off to call for help and the others took Shun to his room. Ikki quickly changed Shun into his usual pyjamas and set him in bed to try and keep him warm. "There is nothing we can do for him right now." Shiryu said placing his hand on Ikki's shoulder and he could feel them trembling slightly, "I know but I'm worried what if we can't help him at all? What if he is lost to us?" Hyoga stepped forward and shook his head helping Shiryu steer Ikki from the room. "Lets get him some water bottles so we can at least keep him warm, okay?" Ikki nodded and the three of them left.

After a few minutes Shun started to move under his sheets. Sweat began to form on his body as he thrashed about beneath the covers. Shun's body arched wildly and he whimpered harshly. He fell back onto his mattress and began to pant.
Inside his mind he could hear nothing but harsh, evil laughter and a deep voice repeating 'you are mine, now and forever.'
Shun was alone and frightened and he couldn't wake up even if he knew his eyes were open and unseeing. He wanted his friends and his brother but they wouldn't come to him. He was alone with this monster.

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