The Way Things Should Have Been

By Dr.E. Vance

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the characters and such from Deep Space Nine. Never ever. EVER! Just me having fun. I revised this so it should be better and easier to read. I'm sorry the chapters are so short. This was my first fanfiction!

Chapter 1

Slimy Aliens

"Captain we're being hailed!" Major Kira turned to Captain Sisko.

"And. . .?"

"Should we answer them?" Sisko paused. How come he never gets to hail whoever is out there? It was SO not FAIR!

"Oh, fine. What do they want?" Sisko asked as he took out a pair of pom-poms and waved them wildly around. Major Kira glimpsed at Sisko.

"Help." Sisko stood on a chair and continued to wave the pom-poms.

"When do they want it?" Everyone had started to stare in amazement.

"NOW, would be a good time." They eventually pulled the ship in and Sisko, O'Brien, and Dax went down to greet their visitors. They were aliens with green, squashed faces and floppy noses. They also seemed to be covered in a slimy coating.

"Eeewwww. . ." said Dax.

"Gross, yuck" spit Sisko.

"I think I'm going to be sick!" O'Brien ran off with his hand over his mouth. Dax laughed. An alien glared at the pair.

"We didn't come here to be insulted!" Sisko turned to Dax and winked.

"Really? Where do you usually go?" O'Brien came back laughing. Sisko tried to keep a straight face as he invited them to step into his office. When they got inside, Sisko sat down and put his feet up on his desk and left everyone standing around him. Dax moved behind Sisko's chair because that is where she usually stood. Sisko picked up his baseball and threw it behind him expecting Dax to catch it. Instead it broke through the window and flew away into space.

"DAX! You were supposed to catch that! Now I'll have replicate another one!" Sisko crossed his arms and pouted. Dax looked like she was thinking about something and then she spoke.

" But Benjamin, don't you have a closet FULL of baseballs?" Sisko continued to pout so Dax turned to the aliens.

"Why do you need our help?" She asked as she put a hand on Sisko's shoulder for no apparent reason.

"Something is growing in our ship and we need help to get it out. It is messing up our systems." Sisko finally spoke as he brushed Dax's hand away.

"Eeewwww . . . don't TOUCH me!" he whined. "Chief O'Brien can help you." O'Brien raised his hand and motioned for the aliens to follow him. When they left, Sisko sighed a sigh of relief.

"I thought they would NEVER leave!" Dax smiled.