Kagome shifted restlessly before sitting up and sighing. There had to be something on this floor. She couldn't for the life of her get to sleep. She shivered once. The dojo Miroku had gotten them to guest in was freezing. Kagome turned to search out more blankets when she noticed Inuyasha sitting in to doorway watching the forest beyond their shelter. Kagome stood and walked over to him

"Inuyasha?" Inuyasha glanced up only once when she spoke then frowned and turned his attention back to the forest. Kagome crouched down beside him. "You should try to sleep. Even you need to rest sometime."

"There's something out there." Inuyasha growled under his breath.

"Huh." Kagome turned to look out into the forest as well. Nothing stirred. "I don't sense a jewel shard. Is it a demon?"

"I'm not sure what it is." Inuyasha frowned. "What ever it is I don't like it." He looked over as Kagome shivered. "Go back inside."

"But you-"

"I'm fine. I'm a half demon remember?" His voice was surly warning Kagome of the fight that might be about to start so she nodded and stood and walked back inside the dojo. Inuyasha watched her go then turned back diligently staring of towards the thick woods. 'Is that you out there Kikyou? But what else is there? What else is with you?'


Maieku smirked as she watched the small house from among the shadowing trees. She flipped her curling black hair over her shoulder and suppressed a little laugh. "Foolish Hanyou. Has he forgotten my promise already? No matter." She turned slightly. "I knew you would come...Kikyou."

"Perceptive of you." A voice came from the trees above her. "But tell me, why did you call me here."

"You should know." Maieku's red gold eyes glittered. "Don't you watch and know all that has to do with your once lover Kikyou? It's a sad existence for you now isn't it? They call you the tragic priestess."

"You're wasting my time spirit."

Maieku smirked and inclined her head slightly. 'This girl will work perfectly. Cool on the outside but inside.., Maieku's eye glowed for a moment, 'she's as normal as can be.'

"You want Inuyasha, to take him back with you. I want him broken." Maieku smirked. "Once I'm finished with him you can have him. And there will be no fight left in him for this world."

"Why do you come to me, spirit?" Maieku could hear the slight fix in Kikyou's voice. "How should I help in your plan? And why should I?"

"Please, call me Maieku." She smiled. "Time my dear. You plan is taking considerable time to unfold and as much as I enjoy watching I'm becoming impatient." Maieku's eyes flashed as she went in for the killing blow. "And that girl is a very major obstacle in your way. Inuyasha has quite nearly forgotten you with love for that girl."

Kikyou was silent for minutes before finally her cool voice came, "What would you have me do?"

Maieku smirked. "Simply...breath." Maieku let herself go and her form melted into a cloud of glittering gold lights and she drifted up till she surrounded Kikyou's body then was merged through the priestess' life breath. "Let me control you. Give me control. Give me you form. Give me your advantaged. Give me Inuyasha's heart." The words came from Kikyou's mouth dripped with bitter honey.

Kikyou's voice was as emotionless as ever. "As you wish." And she surrendered..


"Inuyasha osuwari!" Kagome said softly and watch Inuyasha hit the ground with a thump.

Inuyasha growled as he jumped up again. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?"

Kagome frowned sadly. "You weren't paying attention."


Kagome shrugged and kept walking quietly. Actually he'd been acting prickly and disturbed all day. "Everything."

"Well of course I'm going to ignore you! If you're going to sit me all the time! Annoying girl."

Kagome glared. "Well if I'm so annoying maybe I'LL JUST GO HOME!"

"Go ahead! See if I care!"

"FINE!" She turned to Sango who was watching warily with Miroku and Shippou. "Sango can I borrow Kirara?"

"Ah.sure Kagome."

Kagome nodded. "And don't bother coming to get me this time!" She snapped and Inuyasha.

"I WON'T THEN!" He turned and went of into the forest.