All Things Possible By The Eternal Dragon

Nodoka sighed as she leaned back in her seat of the plane as it headed back to the states and her second husband. She hated letting Genma for kidnapping Ranma from her shortly after the divorce just shortly after Ranma turned five and spent the last two years searching for her missing child, a chase that led her all across several continents until she came to America and met a rocket scientist, the youngest and one of the smartest supposedly at the labs where he worked. It wasn't long before she feel in love with the man and soon got married.

She didn't forget about her child though and still searched and with her new husbands aid and vast wealth she could and did hire many private investigators to help search for her and two years after Ranma was taken he was finally found in a village next to a place called Jusenkyo.

Nodoka didn't waste anytime going to her child and when she meet the guide in China she learned that she was in a way robbed of her vengeance on Genma as he died in an accident while he and Ranma visited the springs.

The springs, she didn't believe it until the guide showed her the curses in affect and her heart partially shattered when she realized that in a way she did lose her child. It was a somber trek as the guide led her to the amazon village where her now permanately cursed son turned daughter was being cared for and helped to adjust to her new life.

When Nodoka finally arrived at the village and saw the hyper little red haired girl her heart soared as Nodoka realized that while she may of lost her son, she had gained a daughter, she still had her child no matter what form the neo girl was in.

And now the two was flying back to America to rejoin Nodoka's husband, Ranma's new father but one thing bothered her. Ranma was a Japanese name and Nodoka was teased a lot during her time in America and during her classes at the University. Maybe she should give Ranma a more Americanized name.but what?

A smile crossed her lips as she looked over at her sleeping daughter next to her, Nodoaka looked over to Kim Possible knowing that her little girl was destined for great things.

AUTHORS NOTE: I do not own Ranma ½ or Kim Possible. I'm not sure if I will leave this as a one shot or make it into a series but it was something I had in my mind lately and I have a bit of writers block so decided to do this.