The Gerudo's Betrayal

I ran as fast as I could but they were gaining on me. What in Hyrule turned them against me? I was just taking Epona for a walk around Gerudo Valley and they just started running after me trying to shoot me with arrows.

" Run, Epona," finally, I was getting closer to the bridge. If I could get on the other side of that bridge I would be safe.

"AAAAAAA," I felt something pierce my left shoulder blade. I clutched my arm as I ran towards the bridge with an arrow sticking out of my back, "I can make it, I can do this," I was halfway across the bridge when an arrow came whistling through the air and got me in my lower back. I fell onto the wooden bridge and they came to tie me up and take me to their fortress.

"Nice try, silly boy," they taunted as they tied my wrists together and pulled the arrows from my back. They dragged me to their fortress and dumped me from a window into the cellar. I landed hard on the rock floor. I had been there before, and there was no way out except the window they had tossed me from.

I felt my wounds and made sure they weren't bleeding too badly. I attempted to grab my sword but my wrists were tied up, "Oh, great," how was I supposed to get out of here now? I rolled up to one of the walls and managed to get up. The rope was irritating my wrists and they started to bleed. I lay back down and waited for something to happen.

It took about two hours until I saw a Gerudo thief at the top of the window, " We have decided what to do with you," she jumped from the window and landed in front of my head. She grabbed my wrists and cut the rope that was now red with blood, "come with me," she tied new, but longer, rope around my wrists and jumped to the top of the window. She started to pull the rope. My arms were getting scratched up against the wall. It felt like my hands were getting pulled off as the rope tightened every time she pulled.

The brought me to the bridge, " You see, boy, we need shooting practice for our Gerudo warriors that have just earned their golden bows. Since you have been so courageous to volunteer."

I started to get angry, "I didn't do anything! Why are you doing this?" I yelled. But she just smiled evilly and clapped her hands. The Gerudos that had been restraining me tightened their grip and walked over to the middle of the bridge. Three Gerudos brought up their arrows, "What did I do? I didn't do anything!!"

" You know perfectly well what you did! All right! Fire when you wish."

An arrow came and hit my in my side, another came whistling by and just missed my face. I whimpered as the last arrow came and got me in my chest. The two Gerudos that were holding me let go. I dropped head first from the cliff and fell into the creek with a splash. I struggled for air and kicked my feet, but all went black.

I awoke on a bed thinking it was only a dream. Then I saw the bandages wrapped around me. I studied my surroundings. There was a man sleeping in a chair beside the bed I was in. Could it be? "Talon?" I said loudly. He just snorted and continued dreaming. Yup. No one else could've slept through that. I coughed and nearly screamed by the pain. Luckily, the arrows didn't go too deep, I thought. I looked outside the window that was beside the bed and saw two robins flying side-by-side, twirling and swirling joyfully. Well, I thought, at least the rest of Hyrule was happy.