The Path of the Damned

Summary :

Kagome is a runaway who turns to a life of crime to survive. During one of her little 'missions' she gets caught and recruited for Tokyo's toughest gangs, Aka no Youkais. There's only one catch-she must pass a test more deadly than any other. Will she take on this challenge? Or will someone stop her? Will she make it out, dead or alive in the end?

Rating : PG13

Main Character description :

Name : Kagome Higurashi

Age : 17

DOB : Unknown

Height : 4ft 10in

Description : Raven black hair. Chocolate black eyes. Usually kind-hearted and loving. Usually prefers skirts over pants.

Last seen : Oct. 29th 2003

Missing since : Oct 23rd 2003

Name : Koga Kogal

Age : 19 H/Y

DOB : Uknown

Height : 5ft 3in

Description : Dark brown hair and eyes. Usually expresses a cocky smirk bearing his fangs. Nearly always wears the colors brown and black.

Name: Sango (Last name unknown)

Age : 18

DOB : Unknown

Height : 5ft 5 in

Description : Black hair, chocolate eyes, peach skin. Tough but has a kind heart once you get to know her. Always carries around a boomerang.