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It had been raining for days now. Cold winds swept through the town as if hell its self was covered in ice. Her classes had been unbearable. It seemed to her that a bad mood had replaced itself among everyone along with the cold weather. Because of this, Kagome had given up trying to talk to anyone at all and kept to herself for the past week. Oddly enough, she seemed not to mind the change.

Walking home from her bus stop had always been something she hated for the simple fact that she never liked walking, and today was no different. Her father had seemed rather edgy this morning and her mother had avoided eye contact with her. At first she thought it had been a fight between the two, but she quickly dismissed that thought. Her parents NEVER fought. They had the typical perfect marriage. Yes, they had there occasional disagreements, but never an actual fight. So why were they acting so strange?

If only she had known.

When she got home, her mother and father were sitting in the living room talking to some strange man over tea. This confused Kagome because her parents were never the type of people to just accept strange men into there home. Come to think of it, they never had people over to visit in the first place. There shrines remote location gave them little opportunity to really associate with fellow residents of their town. Who was this man? Possibly a family member? Yes, that must be it.

However, setting her school bag down by the door and discarding her shoes, she crept into the living room hoping to be informed as to what was happening. By the instant expression on her mothers face, it was not good.

"Ah, Kagome! Please come in and have a seat. We were just discussing you."

Kagome looked at the strange man who now held a fake smile plastered onto his face. Against her better judgment, she crossed the short space between her and her parents and sat beside them. As soon as she took her seat, her mother gave her one of those ' I'm sorry ' looks and made a small gesture towards the stranger.

"This is Mr.Cansion. He is here from a very important school in America. He wants to take you back with him to attend a very important school that will give you a wonderful education abroad and help you develop your miko abilities." Her mother finished, looking drained as if it took all of her energy to say it out loud.

Kagome simply started at her mothers face blankly as if waiting for this information to process. When it did, she felt a thousand and one questions rise within her and she will be damned if she was going to keep them inside. Her ocean blue eyes turned to a storm at sea as she stood up, knocking over the tea onto Mr. Cansion, much to her satisfaction.

"What the hell are you talking about? Do you honestly think I'm going to leave my home and my family to go off to your stupid boarding school? I have no miko abilities! Just because my great-great grand- something or another was one dose not mean I am!"

Kagome finished her ranting, almost gasping for breath. She was shocked at herself for what she had just done. She had no clue as to why she went off like that. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that because she was the first girl in her family scene the last miko, everyone expected her to be one and she always was pressured into it. But as she looked around, she knew she was not the only one shocked at her actions. Her father had rose also and looked back and forth between her and Mr. Cansion almost expecting him to yell at her while trying to dry the tea off of his close and mumbling small apologies under his breath. Her mother held a shocked look open her face although if kagome was not mistaken, it was also a look of pride. As for Mr. Cansion, he looked as though he would explode at any moment.

After the shock was gone, Kagome felt a new emotion swell within her. Fear. Fear of being taken away and the sadness that her family would allow it compelled her to take her next course of action. This was her chance. Before any of them could further react to her outburst, she stole one last glance back at her mother and ran out of the house. She had no real idea of where she was going or why she was running but she had a feeling that staying there for another minute would seal her fate. She ran down the shrine steps and into what looked like the small pathway to her ancestor's old graves. Her mind was clouded and tears blurred her vision. She didn't know where she was going. And at that point, it didn't really matter. Just moments ago she was still safe and secure and now she was being handed off to some smug old man from America for her so called "powers"?

Her thoughts drifted back to her family sitting in the living room. Her mother was probably a mess trying to calm her father, who no doubt, was out chasing her right now. But it would be an hour or so before they found her. No one ever came to these grounds anymore. Maybe she had over reacted? Maybe she wasn't being fair and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Then again, who would send there daughter over seas to some place she was sure they knew nothing about with some mysterious man? She was regretful and angry all at once.

The wind was blowing more fiercely now, and the clouds that had been threatening to let loose all day finally gave way as small droplets of icy rain begin to fall.

Dear god, what had she done?

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