he had seen it all. He was not oblivious to the fact that Sesshoumaru had un-doubtfully noticed his presence, hence the rash decision of taking her with him. But it was but a small set back. He had gotten a chance to view this being of power, and was quite shocked to find it was nothing but a human girl. But there was not mistake, the scent that was still hanging faintly in the air assured him this was what he had been drawn to. And for a human, she was rather attractive, a simple beauty that was hard to find these days. Her raven black hair and deep blue eyes had caused a ripple of feeling in his lower abdomen. Oh yes, this little prize would not be in Sesshoumarus possession for long. He would make sure of that.


"Come on people! The master approaches! You know how he is about timing! Hurry up!"

Loud calls echoed through the long stone corridors of the castle. People could be seen scurrying about with random tasks. Woman passed by, there hair in a loose bun and smudges of dirt on there nose from dusting and gathering things. Men passed with stern looks about there face, carrying large baskets of cloth and food. It was always this way right before the master returned home. He was a neat freak, and rather picky about how things appeared.

Sango hovered over several boiling pots, sweat on her brow and a concerned look on her face.

"You know Miroku, it would help if we had a little more of a warning before he arrived!"
She yelled, giving him a death glare as he shuffled his way over to her.

"There there, don't worry. The master never comes down here anyway" he replied, mater of fact, placing his hand firmly around her backside.


WWhat soon followed was a scene of Miroku sprawled across the floor, a hand mark on his face. Sango above him, twitching and looking as though she were ready to chop off his head and everyone else shaking theirs in disapproval.

"Come on! Look alive! The masters about to enter the castle! Take your places people."

The call echoed through the halls once more, followed by frantic last minute preparations. Candles were lit, seeing how darkness had started to fall and trap the sun once more. Higher servants assembled in a line, facing the great oak carved doors of the castle. The lower class servants slowly fanned out and disappeared into the many hidden doors and small passage ways, not wanting to risk an encounter with the master.


The grand door swung open, sending the walls vibrating and a shudder down the servant's spine. Scanning them all over, he noted the suppressed surprise at the figure now laying limp by his side. Giving them no mind, he lifted the girl up high enough to lift her feet off the ground. Looking to his left, his eyes fell on an old woman which had been under his service most of her life. It was one of the few servants he knew he could trust.

"Take her to get clean and put her into something respectable. Once she is cleaned and dressed, send her to my quarters." He said in a rather harsh tone. Although, compared to his normal voice, it was soft and patient.

"As you wish my lord" with that and a small nod, she took she unconscious form of Kagome from him and carefully treaded back through several doors and hallways. Returning his gaze forward, he walked with long strides through a door and up three flights of stairs to his cambers. Taking in a deep breath, he sat at his desk, staring into a candles flame. Why had he bothered himself with this girl? Did he really need to study her?

Shaking his head slightly, he cleared his mind of any thoughts of her. Right now, he had other matters to attend to. Turning his attention to his desk, he quickly lost himself in various papers and parchments sprawled out around him.

The light out side had faded, and a rough rain began its battle out side. So much had happened in such a short amount of time. And yet, so much still threatened to unfold tonight. Neither of them could possible imagine what the fates had in store for them.

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