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"By some miracle we met fortuitously

Even now, wherever the light can't shine through

We shall paint a brilliant dancing dream

So that the words that guide you do not fail

Don't fear the time of change "

Sakuma Ryuichi was his god, Shindou remembered saying. He would never forget their stage debut, where Ryuichi helped him when they were practically strangers.  Yet now it was strange; his god on earth was now one of his good friends as well as   rival. But as the Sleepless Beauty lyrics popped in his head, the same went with one of his newest songs…

Waking me from counting my hopes

I recall a shimmering image of you

The vague silhouette that guides me

….it was written with Yuki Eiri in mind. But now, what of it? It was tasteless as always, claimed by the great novelist Yuki Eiri.  Combing his long pink locks, Shuichi for once seemed to be without energy. His last argument with Yuki was quite harsh, with the writer not being back for three days. His singing wasn't affected; after all it was his fault. This time, he, Shindou Shuichi would stand his ground and remained unaffected by Yuki's callous behavior. Well, he managed it, though for some reason he was more unsettled. He ached for Yuki for all his being yet he was calm and still thinking up lyrics.

Touch the freefalling Sky

That is what you told me

The drifting smell in the wind

Of something that I can not remember

Okay, they were bad lyrics. No meaning, a bubblegum pop star idol idle musings. Is this what Yuki meant? As Shuichi stared at the only picture of Yuki with him, he couldn't help but think how trivial their last argument was about.

"Neh, Yuki why can't you write me some lyrics? You wrote some about me but you gave them to Tohma first."

Yuki's only reply was a glare and the repeated sound of typing.

"I know! It can be about our fated love attraction together! The title can even be called Gravitation!"

Yuki got up from his chair, and leaned over the body of Shuichi in a suggestive pose.

"Don't fuck with me. Who would write crappy lyrics about our living arrangement? Shuichi…I always said that you were a one night stand, and the dream you entertain would come crashing down around you. Yet through your efforts you somehow managed to bring me back, here, where I face you every single annoying day. Isn't it enough? What more do you want from me?"

Shell-shocked at this strange outburst from the stone cold Yuki Eiri, Shuichi had nothing to say.

"Good you're quiet. Now will you quit bothering me!"

Will you quit bothering me….

"YUKI! I love you! Heart and soul, I told you your past didn't matter right, and I knew the consequences alright? I even wrecked your arranged marriage!" He was babbling he knew but he had to make Yuki understand. He even gave started to give Yuki one of his hot scorching kisses, but yuki had remained unmoved, and pushed him way.

"Get out of my sight." He wiped his mouth off, and returned to his laptop screen.

Shuichi could only stand there, shocked.

"Did I not say get out? Who would ever love you, your wretched excuse for a soul…especially for one, quite frankly, damned to hell.  Quite unfortunate for you that you gave away your innocence for a heart that was never there. Now, get out of my face!"

Aizawa…ASK lead singer.……

For some reason, Shuichi felt a blinding rage, and slapped the great Yuki Eiri himself.

"When will you understand?!"

When Shuichi came back four hours later, the apartment was empty. He had considered going after the novelist, but decided against it. Why should he go after him, when he himself wasn't given the courtesy? Knowing the blond, he probably just went out for walk in the park. However on that note, three days passed. The only message from Yuki was the one left on the answering machine.

"Oh, if you do return, feel free to do whatever you want ."

No I'm sorry, I'm coming home soon or I'll kick your sorry butt. Just…stay there in the apartment…….alone…..

Shuichi started banging his head on the table, but stopped because he felt nauseous again. For some reason for the past few days, despite still being able to sing, he hadn't been feeling well. Less than two hours worth of sleep due to throwing up every two hours or so did not help matters. Probably because he preferred throwing up to the nightmares he had been repeating lately. It was the same one; Aizawa and his gang raping him, and he gladly giving his body in exchange to save Yuki Eiri. Just like always…he would give everything, and he…Yuki…might open his heart…just a little... That was the way it always worked. After New York, Shuichi had thought some things might have changed…but it seemed nothing changed….

Somehow among these thoughts, Shindou Shuichi soon fell asleep.

I seem to search for the impossible

Closing my eyes and reaching

Do you really know what's best for me?

Drastic measures underlying mistakes

A/N: Nothing is really updated since yesterday, but I got halfway through my lyrics for Blind Game Again in Gravitation and I just had to post it. It's not perfect I know, but somehow I really like it. I hope you like it too, as it'll be part of the storyline later. There are two parts in this chapter, as you can see, that are made up by me. The first part is for another song, I'll have you try to see if you can guess this later. But now for the lyrics: please critique as well.

"Listen ,Blind Game, Just come Again

There aren't such things as fairy tale endings

I want this it my own straight way

I can take the truth, handling it as I may

The lies the perfection, this oh perfect fantasy of mine

The dancing girl the gorgeous prince

Something out of an illusion that never can be reached

These hands this life

A piece of garbage marring

The blinding completion

The rain of blood that flows

Colors my hair, as it shines and darkens with the light

How could I even consider that normal way

The harsh realities then I reach for onto the next

Never-ending drudgery, send me off to another world

Where shards of ice will never melt

Where this hateful life voice haunts me forever

Don't fail me now sleepless dreams

Flurry of snowflakes mock my very soul

The open topaz diamond cut

Can you even spell naïve?

Your bitter endless drowning eyes

Piercing me with their warmth and cold, what I am?

Listen Blind Game , Just come Again

I seem to reach for the impossible

Midnight pitch the darken vision I search

Do you really know what's best for me?

Drastic measures underlying mistakes

Come along to the inferno

Reeling from the pain

Just another muscle

Just another game"

Unfinished and the song does and will never belong to me. P.S Who knows what Du Hast means?