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Chapter 8: Fallen Gods

K leans into his chair, wondering if he should start looking for a job again. After that day, he felt lost. Some things are meant to stay in the past. K fingers a heart shaped locket. He already took the picture out, but ghostly vestiges still seem to remain.

His son was 15 now, not really in need of a father anymore. He could pursue the music sheet that was given to him.

But his will was weak, and had been for the 9 years since it happened.

The woman held her blade lovingly like a child. That posture, those movements, it really could only be one person. The only person he actually buried.

" Andy? You know I'm married now right? And I have a kid."

"Judy right? I always said you were going to get in trouble one day."

"Ark is with us too."

"What a happpppy reunion."

"It was just part of the job what happened to you, Andy"

" I know."

K felt like he was sweating, but how could he, a master manager body guard, be cowed before his former wife? No one stopped him.

"Then why did you kidnap me? Where did you take the others?"

"That's not necessary for you to know." Andy, her long hair cut so short, indeed now looked like a guy, if not for her voice and her gestures.

"We were never officially married." K coolly mentions. Andy's eyes began to take on an unsteady look. "Yes." She walks closer with her knife, bending down so her face was even with his. "But you and I are cut from the same cloth. Bastard." She hisses as she stabs the knife into his shoulder.

K grimaces, but says nothing. A warm flower of spreading red starts to stain his shirt.

Andy, snaps her fingers, and one of the noh masks, hands her a briefcase.

"My quarrel isn't really with you. My client only gave me a chance to have a bit of revenge. You won't die from that after all." She opens the briefcase. "Here is exactly 30 million yen. Give up being Shindou Shuichi manager, and hinder any movements to find him. Besides Ark, you're the only one who would find him, and at the same time hide him. Remember K, I know you. I know how you work. So help me. Or we all die together." Andy fingers her boyish looking hair. "So God help me, as you and I as my witness, you will help me." She grasps the knife handle and stares at him.

K began to get serious, his arm was beginning to lose feeling.

"Why? Answer me"

"you're the prisoner, why should I aaaaaaaaa – Program shutting down. Subject does not like question, subject feels confused. Shut down shut down."

A voice boomed and echoed in the warehouse.

"So you figured it out." It sounded neither male nor female.

"Andy died. I watched her die. So someone must be pulling some illusion on me. Same with this wound; it's like VR."

"It's not as simple as you think it is, but it is close enough."

K gets up, rubbing his hands from the cuffs and ropes, surprising the guards, but not enough that they did not have all their guns trained on him.

"I already won this game. Give up." K reaches for his gun, and his hand comes away smeared with blood. K grimaced; his mind still believed the illusion, and the pain was starting to come back.

"It is not necessary. Drop your weapons. Simulation RBX-1232 end." The blood disappears and the white shirt was spotless again.

"The voice of reason…ooooo creepy villain." K began to look like his old self, unruffled American maniac.

"Just wait, nine years. Just nine years."

"Why, should I, you done nothing but to prove, that I the great Claudia sama should raze this facility to the ground with backup."

"Show him."

Andy gets up slowly, her eyes blank and unseeing but stands almost like statue holding a briefcase.

"What is this?" K is shown a locket, a bracelet, and a piece of paper that was sheet music.

"These are yours if you don't interfere."

"That part of my life is over." His hands were slightly trembling, was that his imagination?

"So you chose."

"Shuichi Shindou belongs to NG"

"He has already turned in his resignation."

K quickly grabs his gun and aims it at the flash of a sniper rifle scope, and shoots.

The whole warehouse explodes, and K feels the flames hungrily licking his feet, and the air slowly being crushed out of his lungs.

"DADDY! Wake up and see my new puppy!" the little boy sat on his father's chest, and was the source of his restricted breathing.

"Uh.. .chibi…what puppy?"

The young boy gets off his father and shows him the puppy licking his feet. "See? Ark got it for me! Because daddy was sleeping and wouldn't play with me.."

The sound of the safety taken off was matched by another click.

"I see that you're up. Judy sama was worried."

"Waving weapons in children's faces is setting a bad example."

"I believed you started it."

K started up at the ceiling. It was a dream. Andy, his co habiting partner, hand fasted in Scotland, died, because he had to shoot her to get to the target. She told him to do it, because she was the one who betrayed them all them with the leaks and ambushes. He never found out why, and his love for Judy at the point outweighed his partner's life.

It was a side of him that he did not want to face again.

"Claude-sama, what should I do with the briefcase you were holding?"

"What briefcase?"

"It has a locket , with a woman I don't recognize in it, a bracelet with initials that doesn't match Judy sama, and a piece of sheet music belonging to no one I recognize. There was also a letter, but it makes no sense. It's in Gaelic, written in a woman's hand."

Ark tone was patronizing and unhappy.

K did not answer him.

"Where am I?"

"America. You been out for a couple of months, and you woke up once from your coma screaming and pelted the doctors and nurses with bullets, because for some reason you still had a gun, and so they requested you have at home care."

"What happened to Bad Luck after I was out of commission?"

"Bad luck? I believe they were disbanded after the singer went missing."

K was about to erupt into one of his fanatic dialogues accompanied with a hail of bullets, but his eyes caught on the music sheet again.

"No, never mind. I believe I'll stay home from now on Ark, you can protect Judy."

Memories are such horrible things, go long enough, and it distorts what was actually real, what was actually said. K hands taps weirdly like he was hitting an instrument to an unknown beat.

Yes, it was time to start. He even kept to the time limit.

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