By: Max Pilote

Rating: PG-13 for intense situations and mild violence

Disclaimers: First of all, I don't own the rights to Lord of the Rings. I just do this for fun and I'm sure many other people do it. Second, I toy with a few ideas that Tolkien seems to have left vague. It is known that Aragorn was raised in the house of Elrond under the name of Estel. Like many other fanfiction writers out there, I take it that meant Elrond was sort of a father to the young boy, since he was quite young (I think three). There is also an issue regarding Legolas's mother that is never touched. Me? I'm vague on the situation as well and it may confusion you. I think that Legolas's mother passed to the Undying Lands but he considers her dead. Last, we come to the part where Legolas and Aragorn are friends. Legolas seemed to know so much about him (going by the movie for a moment) that I just took them to be old friends. Last, and most likely least, I apologize for any spelling errors and grammatical errors. I also apologize for any inaccuracies in information. I'm pretty sure that covers it all.

Spoilers: None because it's the first in the series! Yay!

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Summary: Once the kind prince of Mirkwood, something horrible has twisted and warped Legolas. When Estel arrives at Rivendell, the prince shows immediate dislike for him. When Estel is kidnapped, however, by a madman, Rivendell reluctantly enlists the aid of the young prince. Will Legolas save Estel, or let his hate for humans stop his from saving the poor human child?


Chapter One: Evaluations and First Impressions

The beautiful spring day was doing so little to improve his mood, he felt the attempt was pathetic. One of his legs hung lazily off the window sill as he sat in the open window of one of the many rooms in Elrond's home.

Elrond stood in the doorway where he had been silently watching the elf intently. He would not be here if something was not wrong with him; but the elf-lord found nothing in his outer appearance that revealed anything.

So, he delved deeper...

He looked past the outer shell to the soul of his visitor-to the person within his visitor. There was something disturbing within him. It was an emptiness consisting of fear and pain heavily mixed with sorrow.

"It is indeed a joy to see you, Lord Elrond," said the elf, startling the elf-lord. "I must request, however, that you refrain from watching me where I cannot see you. It unsettles me."

"Forgive me, Legolas," responded Elrond. "I meant no unrest to you. May I inquire as to how you possibly knew it was me."

"Instinct, maybe?" suggested the elf, unsure of the answer himself. "Perhaps it is habit. You have the eyes that look right through people."

"I suppose that unsettles you as much as my standing in silence?"

"Of course. Do you know of someone who is unaffected by this?"

"You prove a good point," responded Elrond with a smile.

The wise elf-lord was still discovering peculiar things about the other's behavior. For one, Legolas did not face him once during their exchange. He also noted that his expression was always the same look that he had always held when he was bored with something. His eyes were constantly half- lidded, revealing little about him.

With a heavy sigh, Elrond continued to speak, "I came to inform that I will not have much time to speak with you today. Therefore, I insist that you stay for a few more days when I will have time to speak with you."

"Very well," said the prince, "it will give me time to speak with the twins."

"It has been nearly twenty years since you last saw them, right?"

"Twenty-three," corrected Legolas, "and I am sure they've got many stories for me."

He never smiled.

Elrond chuckled and nodded, "Very well, maybe next time we can sit down and have a more serious conversation."

"I'm looking forward to it," responded the son of Thranduil, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

As Legolas left, Elrond sat down in a chair near the window. The prince had changed so much since the days when he used to make regular visits to the twins. When the visits became more scarce, Elrond and his sons dismissed it as he father simply coming down on him again. Suddenly, he travels to Rivendell at his father's request to get help for something that no one can seem to figure out.


Elladan laughed as the boy tagged him.

"Now you have to catch me, 'El!" cried the child playfully as he dashed away from the elf.

Elrohir laughed as he watched the two run around. A few days ago, the child, a human child, had been brought to the care of Lord Elrond. He had lost both his parents, and gained a heritage that, if not protected, could destroy the poor boy. A foretold destiny was laid out before him, and it was up to them to make sure that he lived long enough to fulfill it.

He turned, hearing soft footsteps growing closer and closer to him. A look of shock crossed the younger twin's face.

"Legolas?" he exclaimed. "Where have you been lurking for the past...TWENTY YEARS?"

Elladan picked up Estel and walked over to join his brother and old friend.

"I've been...away," responded the prince, almost distantly.

When the elf locked eyes with the small human child, the child recoiled. He clutched Elladan's sleeve tighter and buried his face in his chest, whimpering.

"Who is this?" inquired Legolas.

"This is Estel. He's our new brother. He's-"

The boy's hair moved slightly and Legolas stepped back, letting out a low growl. "He's human!" he said angrily.


Before the last of the question could escape the elf's lips, battle cries rang out as a group of ten people rushed the three elves.

Elladan dodged a blade, still holding Estel against him. Elrohir also dodged the thrust of a blade, then spun to counter with his fists. To his surprise, there was nothing for his fist to connect with.

All the men were swarming around Elladan for some reason unknown to the twins. His arms were full and he was unarmed, but this didn't bother him. In a graceful yet deadly dance, the elf dodge each swing and thrust of the multiple blades around him.

His twin wrestled the blade from a particularly large man and rushed to help his older brother protect his younger one.

Meanwhile, Legolas stood off to the side, watching not the battle but a man standing on the sidelines as well. He wore an arrogant smirk on his face, as if he were so sure that he would succeed at whatever he was trying to accomplish with this. It was tempting for the elf to walk over and knock that smug, confident look of his face.

He was distracted from his thoughts by other ones as he heard Elladan stifle a cry of pain. One of the five remaining men had stabbed his sword completely through Elladan's shoulder, the blade protruding a fraction of an inch away from Estel's temple. The sword was torn violently from his shoulder, throwing him to the ground. Estel started to cry. He attempted with no success to wriggle free of Elladan's weight.

"Elladan!" cried Elrohir, rushing forward to help his brother. The hilt of a sword came down on the back of his head and he slumped over on top of Elladan.

Legolas watched intently as one of the men scooped up Estel. Elladan looked out at the prince.

"Help him, Legolas! Don't let them take him!" he pleaded.

Legolas simply looked down at Elladan with uncaring eyes. The men began to walk off with Estel.

"Please, Legolas!"

The prince frowned, then turned, walking away from the scene.