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Chapter Eight :: Promises

"Aim a little higher," instructed Legolas.

"Is this good?" asked Estel, anxious to shoot.

The prince nodded and the boy let his toy arrow fly. It fell just a few inches short of the target. Still, Legolas congratulated him.

"You are getting better," he said. "That was closer than the last."

Elrond was standing nearby, watching the two. The human and elf had grown so close together. Estel was the only person who had been able to penetrate the shell Legolas had locked himself in.

The arrow made a small thud as it hit the bottom of the target. Legolas clapped lightly for Estel. "That was great! You learn quickly, Estel," he commented.

The child giggled and hugged Legolas. It surprised the prince, but he quickly adjusted. Estel turned and ran to his father, throwing his arms around the elf-lord's legs.

"Did you see what I did, Ada? Did you see?" he asked, proud of himself.

"Yes," responded Elrond, "and I am very proud of you."

"Legolas helped me, too! Don't tell Elladan, but I think Legolas is better," said the human child with a brilliant smile.

"Go on and clean up. Lunch will be ready soon," said Elrond.

He laughed lightly as his adoptive son rushed off. Legolas walked by him, but was stopped by a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"You've come a long way in the last few days," said the elf-lord.

"No, not really. I've just pushed everything away," responded the prince.

"You'll have to face everything again one day. You can't run away forever," warned Elrond.

"I know, but I want to hide as long as I can. It hurt.when I reached down to help Estel. He refused me at first, saying that he was scared of me," explained Legolas. "I told my father that once and the look in his eyes just about killed me."

The elf-lord nodded, "Very well. Oh, and be careful. Don't let the twins drag you into anything."


"Ada? Where did Legolas go? I saw him, then I turned away. When I looked back, he was gone," explained the child.

"Well, he's probably resting before he leaves."

"What? Legolas is leaving?" exclaimed Estel, almost offended. He bolted down the hallway. Within seconds, he was in Legolas's room. The boy pounced on the elf. "You have some explaining to do!"

The elf opened one eye and chuckled, "What is bothering you?"

"Ada told me that you are leaving!" he said, crossing his arms over his chest. "When were you going to tell me this?"

"After I got some sleep. I am tired," stated Legolas.

The child frowned, "But you've been here so long."

"My Ada wants me home," explained the prince.

"Does he miss you?" asked the boy.

Legolas shrugged, "I don't know."

"How can you not know? He's your Ada! He's supposed to miss you!"

The elf stood up after setting Estel on the floor. He picked up his pack, ruffled the child's hair, and then started to leave.

"Wait, you are not even going to say good-bye?" exclaimed Estel, slightly offended.

"I wasn't really leaving," responded the Legolas. "I just need some fresh air."

"Don't scare me like that!" cried the boy indignantly. "I don't like it when you do that kind of thing!"

"You are a very unique person," said Legolas with a slight chuckle.


The three brothers had gathered on the steps to bid their friend farewell. It was a sad moment, actually, to watch them. The four had grown really close.

Estel, of course, was taking it hard. He was only three. He didn't understand why Legolas had to go.

"But what if you don't come back?!" he asked, alarm in his voice.

Legolas laughed as he knelt down in front of the child. "You trust me, right?"

Estel nodded.

"I promise to come back in three months," he said. "Exactly three months. I want you to wait right here on these steps and watch for me."

Tears started to roll down the boy's cheeks, and the elf frowned.

"Now don't do that. You'll make me, cry, too," he said with a laugh, gently wiping the tears away with the back of his hand.

Estel hugged him and buried his face in shirt. "I'm going to miss you!" he cried.

"I promised to come back," repeated Legolas.

Elladan smiled, "You've changed a lot since you arrived here two months ago. I am sorry to have doubted you."

"I never lost faith in him," stated Elrohir smiling, and it was true.

"You three are the brothers I never had. When I return, you better be ready," responded Legolas with a mischievous look in his eye.

He turned and started to walk away, heading home. The elf looked back once and smiled at Estel, "Remember. Three months, I want you waiting right there on those steps."

"I promise!" cried the child. "I'll be right here!"


It was a beautiful autumn day just as it had been exactly three months ago. Elrond looked over the balcony and saw Estel sitting on the steps, waiting as he had promised. He smiled, happy that child was able to help Legolas. The elf-lord was still clueless as to what had changed Legolas so much within the twenty years he was gone, but decided not to dwell on it. The prince was happy now...wasn't he?

Estel watched the horizon, waiting impatiently for any sign of his friend. The last three months had gone by so slowly. It was fun playing with Elladan and Elrohir, but he wanted so much to see Legolas again. They were such great friends now.

Elladan and Elrohir came onto the steps of Rivendell right when Estel caught glimpse of what he had been waiting for. The twins smiled as the boy rushed towards Legolas, who was walking through the gates.

"Legolas! I was waiting, just like I promised," said the child, hoping Legolas would be proud of him.

The elf smiled and ruffled his hair, "I knew you would."