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Chapter 1

Voldemort had attacked the school while everyone was asleep. They hadn't been prepared and they had paid for their mistake. The students had been gathered in the great hall and disarmed. They were now waiting to find out what was going to happen to them now that their last safe haven had been taken.

Death Eaters had been placed around the room watching them all while they waited for their Master to arrive. The Teachers that had survived the short battle were also in the room but with a Death Eater each, making sure they didn't try anything.

The doors to the hall opened and Voldemort entered.

Complete and utter silence spread through the room like a wild fire. Whether it was from fear or respect.

"I will give you all a choice!" Voldemort said, without preamble, "You can join me and have the luxuries that come with being a Death Eater or you can take the consequences of defying me."

All but 6 Slytherins stood and walked towards Voldemort along with about 20 Ravenclaws and 15 Hufflepuffs. But none of the Gryffindors moved from their seats. They had all heard Harry Potter screaming at night because of what the Dark Lord had done to him or was doing to others.

"No more takers? Very well Avery! You and your team take this group and tell them what they have to do."

A group of the hooded Death Eaters came forward and lead the Death-Eaters- to-be out of the room. The older students, that had already become followers of The Dark Lord, put on their robes and masks with a wave of their wands before taking their spots in the ranks of the Death Eaters.

"Now the rest of you," Voldemort continued, "Well we have resently come up short in kitchen staff as the house elves disappeared in the fight. So that will be your new calling in life, to serve my loyal followers. You will cook, clean and do anything else they say."

"Why should we," Harry Potter spoke out for the remaining students. "Are Potter, I was wondering how long it would take you to speak out. Well lets say if one of you steps out of line, they will be tortured alon with two others, one of which will be killed afterwards. Do I make myself clear?"

The miserable students nodded, except Harry who stood watching Voldemorts every move. "Now, you Potter, you are a different case. I can't trust you not to do something stupid like you normally do." The Death Eaters sniggered. "So how about this you become my personal slave and I will leave the rest of the students alone. Unless they do something I don't like." "And if I refuse?" "Then I will kill all your little friend as painfully as possible." Voldemort said motioning to the other students around Harry.

Harry was torn. On 1 hand, if he agreed he would have to do everything for the man who had ruined his life in everyway possible. On the other, if he said no then his friends would suffer for his choices. He didn't have much choice; Voldemort had at last backed him into a corner that he couldn't get out of.

"Very well." He replied. "Smart decision. Malfoy. Would you please take Potter to my rooms and make sure he understands what will happen to him if he disobeys." Malfoy walked over to Harry and roughly lead him out of the room. Harry tried to ignore the calls of his friends as he was lead away.

"Now the rest of you should be in the kitchen making us breakfast. LeStrange, Crabbe, Goyle, take them to the kitchen and kill any who try to escape." Half of the remaining Death Eaters lead the rest of the students out and down to the kitchens.

"Finally what to do with the teachers. Take them down to the dungen and make sure they are well guarded, I will deal with them when I am finished with my new slave." With that Voldemort left.