Summary: After a long quest to destroy the one ring, the Fellowship all decide it's time for a holiday. They want to see more of the world than Middle earth and decide the only place to go is Ibiza.

Authors Note: This takes place after the quest but before Frodo sails off for the Undying Lands. In this story you have to imagine Middle Earth as being part of the world we live in, as opposed to a completely different world altogether. I hope this isn't too confusing. It is a silly idea really, so don't take it too seriously but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. It's actually the first humour story I have written.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the silly ideas.

The Fellowship in Ibiza

New Experiences

"I'm bored, Arwen." Aragorn was sat fiddling with his crown, rolling it around in his hands. "I am King and yet I have nothing to do."

"I'm sure you must be able to find something." Arwen was fed up with Aragorn moaning. She was trying to read her book and his constant whining was irritating. "Go and find a book to read."

"I don't want to read a book." He now began to sound like a young child. "I miss my friends. I miss Legolas, Gimli, the Hobbits and even Gandalf."

"Then why don't you organise a visit for them? Invite them all over." Arwen was desperate to occupy Aragorn now. "The Hobbits aren't too far away in the Shire, Legolas and Gimli will be glad to come from their travels I am sure, wherever Gandalf is, he will get word."

"Yes. We can have a big party." Aragorn now sounded excited. "I'm going to organise a party."

He jumped up and began skipping off down the corridor singing "I'm going to have a party" over and over to himself. Arwen sighed and went back to her book. Sometimes it was like looking after a child.


It was several weeks later and Aragorn's excitement was beginning to get unbearable. All Arwen could do was hold onto the fact that within a few days his 'party' would have begun and he wouldn't be alone to torment her any longer.

At last the day arrived and so did the Fellowship. It seemed so long since they had seen each other and everyone had many tales to tell. They were sat talking over supper as each took it in turns to tell of what they had been up to since they had last met. Aragorn seemed disappointed that he didn't have a lot to tell. He didn't have tales of journeys as Legolas and Gimli did. He didn't have tales of the Shire as the hobbits did. He didn't have the tales to tell that Gandalf always had. All he could say was that he was glad they were all together once more.

After many hours of story telling, and drinking, the fellowship had begun to grow rather merry. They were talking of past adventures and spoke of wishes to experience more. Aragorn agreed completely. He was bored being king and wanted more adventures.

"How about a holiday?" He spoke up above the other voices, causing everyone to go quiet and turn to look at him.

"A what?" Pippin asked.

"A holiday." Aragorn was now smiling and Arwen could see the excitement spreading across his face once more. She feared the worst. "We could all go on holiday. We need a break after all that trouble saving the world. We could travel and see more of the world that we saved. More of the world than just Middle Earth."

It was several minutes before any noise was made amongst the company but eventually they all began to nod their heads and murmur words of agreement. At last they were laughing.

"Yes, yes a holiday."

"A holiday would be great."

"We can see the world."

"We can travel."

"But where will we go?" Sam, always the rational thinker, brought everyone's excitement to a slight pause as he asked the question no one had yet thought of.

Arwen had been listening to their conversation, and her husbands mad ideas, and she had already begun to plan her days whilst Aragorn wasn't there. Now she jumped up. "I think I have a travel brochure somewhere. I will fetch it for you."

"Why do you have a travel brochure?" Aragorn asked.

"Stop asking questions. Do you want it or not?" Arwen looked at him in the way she knew would make him see things her way.

"Yes yes."

She hurried off hoping against hope that she could find that brochure somewhere.

At last she returned with it in her hand and placed it on the table. There was a mad dash for it and she jumped out of the way smiling to herself. The next few weeks without Aragorn could be heaven.

Pages were being turned and ripped as cries of "America, Spain, Europe" were heard from the company. They were arguing over where to go. The hobbits were set on Spain whilst Legolas and Aragorn wanted America. Gandalf had is heart set on Europe.

There was a ripping sound followed by a "Oh" from the centre of the scuffle. A hand could be seen waving the page in the air and as everyone looked up at it an united cry of "Ibiza" echoed around the room. Everyone sat back in their chairs and Legolas placed the page from the travel brochure in the centre of the table. Everyone was looking at the blue swimming pools, the sandy beaches and perfect blue skies shown on the page.

"Have we agreed on where we would like to go then?" Gimli spoke up. A chorus of 'Yes' travelled around the table. "Good, good."

"Erm, what do we do now then?" Aragorn asked.

Arwen stepped forward once again. "Why don't you all travel out and go shopping tomorrow. You can book the holiday and buy the things you will need to take whilst you are there. The shopping centre will be open tomorrow."

"The shopping centre?" Pippin asked. "There isn't a shopping centre in Middle earth."

"Yes there is Pippin love." Arwen assured him.

"I've never been to a shopping before." Merry announced. "Won't it be full of big people?"

"Yes it will but I'm sure you will be fine. Why don't you all have an early night so that you can set off early in the morning?" Everyone agreed with Arwen and soon they disappeared from the room whilst she sat smiling to herself, pleased with the work she had done that day.

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