Home sweet home

At last the plane landed and Gandalf had to drag Aragorn off Legolas and off the plane as Gimli carried Legolas. They had hoped that he would have woken up by now but it wasn't to be.

They collected their bags and jumped on a bus to make the journey home. The bus took them as far as it could but then they had to find their horses. A guard of Aragorn's was supposed to meet them there. He didn't arrive until later.

They all jumped on their horses, with Legolas slumped over the front of Gimli's horse and made their way home. Aragorn sobbed all the way.

At last they reached Aragorn's halls. They tied up their horses and carried their bags in doors. Legolas too was carried and no one could understand how he was still asleep. They were stood in the entrance hall with Legolas sat leaning against the wall when he woke up. He stood up and looked around at them all. Then Aragorn spotted him.

"Leggy loo loo you're alive."

"Yes, I'm alive."

"I thought they'd killed you."

"No! They just poisoned me!!!"

"Oh shut up Legolas. You're all right aren't you?" Gimli told him.

Aragorn lunged forward and for the second time that holiday, he locked Legolas in a deathly grip.

"Aragorn get off." Legolas shook him off. "I'm alive and I'm fine."

Arwen appeared suddenly in the hall to greet them. She had a saddened look in her eyes but she smiled as she asked them how it had been.

"Arweny woo woo!" Aragorn shouted as he saw her and ran to her.

"Have you been giving him Smarties?" Arwen looked accusingly at everyone.

"Hey don't look at me. I've been asleep for the past few hours."

"We are sorry Arwen. There was no other way of getting him onto the plane."

"Well, you could have just left him there." She whispered.

"What did you say, My lady?"

"What? Oh, erm, nothing. I'm sure he'll be fine soon. You must all be tired and hungry. Come and have something to eat, then you can sleep for the night." She walked off in the direction of the kitchens to order food for them all. Then she met them in the dining hall.

They all enjoyed a very thorough and traditional Middle Earth meal before settling down for the night. They had told Arwen all about their holiday and, although she had looked envious at times, she also looked as though she had a good fortnight on her own.


The next morning the Fellowship awoke quite late. Arwen was in the hallway gathering all their bags together in little groups when they finally came downstairs.

"Time for you all to leave." Arwen called over the shuffling. "I suspect you'll all be wanting to go home now after you're holiday won't you?"

"Actually." Pippin began, but couldn't finish the sentence. His face screwed up and his nose twitched. The, without warning, he gave out a giant sneeze.

"Oh bless you Pippin." Arwen gave him a tissue. "Nothing to worry about. I'm sure it's nothing. Probably just a change in climate."

"Actually." Pippin tired again. "I wasn't feeling well all last night. I really don't feel well now either." He had just managed to finish his sentence this time when another giant sneeze came.

Arwen rolled her eyes before sighing and then, taking Pippin by the shoulders, she led him to one side and sat him down. "Sit down for a minute. You're probably just tired." She prayed.

While Pippin was sitting down Merry noticed that his pocket was moving, twitching. "Pippin what have you got in you're pocket?" He sounded alarmed.

"Oh erm, nothing." Pippin covered his pocket with his hand but when he saw the look Merry was giving him he gently slid his hand inside and pulled out the wriggling creature.


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