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Glistening tears rolled down Serena Chalice's ashen cheeks, "Darling, why d'you have to go?"

"Sere, we've been through this," replied the striking brown-haired man, "It's only a year, and time will fly! Honestly, Japan's not THAT far away...just a couple of thousand of miles away from Australia."

Serena hugged tighter. "I know, I know. But seeing you so far away Daniel...You'll probably forget all about me." She pouted prettily.

Daniel Higgins stared down at his golden-haired angel. Forget her? Not likely! He thought.

Indeed, Serena was gorgeous. Her long silky blonde hair cascaded past her shoulders, creating a halo in the night. Her petite body molded perfectly with his. And her eyes... they complemented flawlessly with the radiant sky, a light fluffy blue. One could drown, and drown hard in those pools of seas. Her heart-shaped face was now dabbed with a few tears, her mouth formed in a cute pout.

Daniel grinned in his adorable way, "Cheer up Sere, we only have one more night together, what do you suppose we make use of it?"

"I don't know..." Her finger coyly traveled along his body.

God, it burned through him. He moaned, and kissed her feverishly, his mouth consumed hers as they waged their last silent battle of tug-of-war.

AN: Just a short prologue to get started with – I promise chapter 1 is much more exciting!