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In the distance space, there is the galaxy shining with golden stars, therefore it is called Golden Galaxy. In Golden Galaxy, you can find the Lylat System. Third planet of the Lylat System is Nintendo Planet, at least that's what it's used to call, now it is renamed Tooneria, don't forget it. In the country Eageland, the town of Onett, there is the Smash Mansion, where the Smashers live.

Captain Falcon (CF): I'm home! Hello! Hey, why is it so quiet? I always hear chatting when I enter.

Peach: Finally you're back.

CF: Why is it so quiet?

Zelda: Dr. E=MC2* came and had a long talk. Afterwards, everyone packed their bags and left for Hoenn using our personal plane.

*See "Return of Giygas"

CF: They went out of Eagleland and left for Hoenn?

Popo: Me, Nana, Peach, and Zelda stayed behind to wait for you and take you along.

CF: How do we go there?

Nana: Dr. E=MC2 came on his personal helicopter and left it here so that we can use it later.

CF: Start packing; we're leaving right away.

After packing...

CF: I could drive the helicopter, but I don't know where's Hoenn.

Computron: I am Computron, a talking computer data with a heart. Dr. E=MC2 has ordered me to autopilot the plane and take you to Mossdeep Space Center.

CF: MOSSDEEP SPACE CENTER?!?!?! What the hell are they doing there?!

Zelda: You'll see.

After a 6-hour ride...

Computron: We are now approaching Hoenn's Mossdeep Space Center.

Nana: It's about time.

Computron: We have now landed in the landing site, now go for the car. Can you take the watch-like device on the control panel?

CF: What for? (Takes out device)

Computron: My data is stored inside this device. If you attach it to mechanics, I will take over that machine. Now attach me to that car's steering wheel.

After attaching the device to the wheel, the car automatically moved.

Zelda: The power of computer...

After a 30-minute ride...

Popo: Another checkpoint? We ran into 3 checkpoints already.

Computron: Security is really tight here. We are now entering the space center.

In the garage...

Computron: We're here.

Game & Watch (G&W): Finally!

Peach: It's about time.

CF: Is everyone here?

G&W: We've been waiting for you all; you should go see Dr. E=MC2.

Nana: This place is filled with mechanics.

Bowser: What took you so long?

CF: Your waiting is worth it.

In a room...

Fox: So everyone is here!

CF: What's been going on?

Fox: Rich deposits of uranium were found in Mossdeep and the government embarked on the building of an atomic research center.

CF: Wasn't this a space center?

Fox: It's both a space center and atomic research center in one.

E=MC2: I'm here. I shall do the rest of the explaining. Specialists in nuclear physics were recruited from many countries, and work began. It goes without saying that all the research is humanitarian purposes. No question of making atomic bombs here. In fact, we are seeking a way to protect mankind from the dangers of these weapons. The Hoenn government has hired me to work here. But I think that working alone might bring to much pressure, that's why I called on Fox, Falco, and Samus, who has great knowledge on space and atomic research, to come and work here. The entire Smashers were interested to learn about space so they came along.

Roy: Let me ask this for the fifth time. What do you plan to do with the rocket you're working on?

E=MC2: I decided to launch it into space and do some explorations. Computron and me are going. You can come along if you want.

Ness: Space adventure! I wanna go!

Young Link (YL): Learning more about space would be great!

E=MC2: The rocket will be nuclear-powered, thus it will move faster than the old rockets.

Link: How long do we have to wait?

E=MC2: We would have to wait for about a month.

Yoshi: Then why did you called on us this early?

E=MC2: I need someone to help me, and you all came along because of curiosity.

Falco: In the meantime, we will have rooms to live in. You can only leave for certain reasons. And by the way, Samus is creating space suits.

In another room...

Samus: The space suits are going well.

Kirby: Why must they all look identical to your space suit?

Samus: I think you're right. I need to make small round ones and big ones also.

So the Smashers are living in the space center for the meantime. Will they ever go for an adventure in space?