Extra Chapter




First planet of the Lylat System. It is the hottest planet ever. 90% of the planet is burning lava. There are islets dotted all over the planet, but they are all active volcanoes. Life does exist on this burning planet. Fire birds and fishes are the most common, as well as lava lotus. The biggest beast found there are Vulcans. These are giant monsters whose body is always dripping with lava; they feed on anything they see, even rocks. Overall, Solar is a burning place and is dangerous for other life forms to go near it.


It is a barren desert planet. There is always a sandstorm blowing on this sandy planet. Few life forms like cacti and beetles are found in this planet. More dangerous life forms include the Sand Hand and Gora. Sand Hands are brown dusty hands sticking out from the ground, it grabs nearby preys and suck their life out. Goras are the biggest and deadliest creatures of Titania. They are over 15 meters tall and it likes to destroy anything that moves.


This is a planet where civilization exists. 70% of the planet is covered with water. There are big continents with many countries in it. Every country has different kind of landscapes and seasons. Dry Dry Desert is by far the driest and hottest place on Tooneria. Infinite Glacier is the coldest place there is. The tallest mountain is Mt. Silver. This is a perfect planet for life to exist.


This planet is filled with rocky terrains. The evil alien Giygas lived in this planet, along with Starmen and Moonmen. They once invaded Tooneria and were forced to retreat after the fierce battle with the Smashers. The Smashers went to Dweeds and made the planet explode. Now Dweeds is gone, so the Lylat System now has only 9 planets instead of 10.


Another planet where life is perfect for existing. Even though this planet is filled with lush green forests, tall mountains, and sparkling oceans, no civilization was ever found on this lovely planet. Fortuna is also called the giant planet, because almost everything on the planet is huge, it is about 4 times the size of everything found in Tooneria. The only season in Fortuna is spring.



The largest planet in the Lylat System. This planet is filled with mountains and volcanoes. Even though this planet has no oxygen, life forms still exist. The most common species found here are Metroids. These jellyfish-looking creatures fly around and latch onto their prey and then suck out there blood. As Metroids live on, they evolve into various forms until they reach the final form, Queen Metroid.


The only planet with a ring made of rocks and ice. Civilization exists on this planet. Robots, androids, and cyborgs are scattered all over this planet, thus making it a planet of machines and high technology. No human beings have been found on that planet, so where did those robots originated is a complete mystery. It appears that the rings are docking bays and import/export departments.


This planet is oddly shaped. Instead of being a sphere, it is the shape of a star. Life and civilization exists on this peaceful planet. The inhabitants living here are short people. It is said that whoever is sleeping in this planet, they will always have good dreams. This is the planet Kirby was born in.


This planet is 100% water. The entire planet is an endless span of ocean. Many marine organisms are found in this aquatic planet. Ruins have been found under the water, which must mean that civilization once exist and the planet wasn't always water.


The last planet is a cold one, it is always winter. Despite the coldness, civilization actually exists. The inhabitants are like Eskimos; they live in igloos and sometimes make a big village. One kind of plant is found there and that is the Ice Flower. This beautiful sparkling flower grows best in -50 degrees Celsius temperature.

The entire Golden Galaxy isn't fully discovered yet. As time goes by, scientists will create better machines to go and solve the mysteries of the space. How big is the space? Only God knows the answer...


Soon to be written around December 10-20.