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This is just a short piece of fanfiction I wrote while I was in I.T. class. Written about how Daisuke felt in 'Mabye Hints Aren't Enough' (https://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1443602). Please read that, if you haven't already and review. This is quite strange for me, as i'm writing a side story, before the original is completed.


Mabye Hints Aren't Enough: Daisuke's Story

A dark haired boy sat, underneath the tree. 'Their tree' he thought the tree that Takeru Takaishi, his rival for the affections of Hikari Yagami, sat under with this girl…his girl as far as he was concerned. Until he saw the way she looked at him, but why had she agreed to this date then? Even if she insisted, she asked Takeru along, since he was a fellow digidestined and friend. She stated 'All three of us, haven't done something together for such a long time!'

Daisuke laughed silently to himself - he wasn't as stupid as people thought. He realised Hikari liked Takeru; just he didn't want to give up on his feelings for Hikari. It was more than people thought; he loved her.

Everyone thought he was obsessed with Hikari, wanting her based on lust alone. He would willingly admit that he would give almost anything for a chance with her, just for a night, but he loved her for being the light in his life. The boy, who was slowly maturing into a young man wanted more than that.

Daisuke Motomiya wanted Hikari Yagami to look at him, like she did Takeru. He wanted her love. His rival was undeserving; he did not act on Hikari's affections. He seemed unsure of whether, to try and love this angel.

A new thought entered his mind. More evidence as to whether Hikari's reasoning to bring Takeru along was true; 'why didn't she want to bring Iori and Miyako along, if she wanted us digidestined to do something together, we haven't all done anything together in ages'.

He sighed out loud, when he turned around to see the object of his affections, walking towards him. Daisuke put on his trademark goofy grin and greeted her loudly. She smiled at him, and inwardly he cringed, kept on his smile and started to walk with her, to their 'date'.