Chapter 1

I had a dream, a few nights back. That doesn't sound too unusual, does it? Well it was unusual for me. I'm not allowed to dream very often. Only when he lets me. I think it came when he was drunk, so there were no barriers for it to penetrate.

Shall I tell you what that dream was about? I won't, because I can't even remember what it was about. He has scoured it from my mind, leaving only the memory of having a dream.

I suppose you would like to know who 'he' is. 'He' is my tormentor, my master, my darker side. The other half of my soul. And still he treats me like a slave, kissing me one day, beating me the next. You see, he is as solid as you or I.

I would tell you how I feel, but he's only in the next room, and if he hears… if he hears me telling you that… he would kill me. He's come close, so many, many times… It would take only one thing to push him over the edge…

Can you leave now, please? I have to clear this room before he wakes. *A door slams in the background* No! Quick! Leave, before he finds you here!

"Brat! Come here!" It's him, come to torment me again. I wonder what his weapon will be today. Love, or hate.

I prefer his hate, when he hits me. When he kisses me… I love him, and it's so hard to just submit to him, let him do as he wills. If I could, I would take control, kiss him back… but when I do that, I get beaten. I learned my lesson the very first time.

He nearly killed me then. I was unconscious for nearly ten hours. The only reason I am alive now is because Yugi-tachi came round, about why I hadn't come to school. When they got no response, they broke in. They saw me, and called an ambulance.

I told them, when I woke, that I had fallen down the stairs. They still don't know about my Yami beating me. Even Yugi, though he has a yami of his own. He's far too naïve to think that my Yami beats me. Not my own soul mate…

That's what he is, really. My soul mate. Not that it seems like it.

He's here… I did none of what I should… I'm going to be beaten… No, not today then. He's going to kiss me… pinning my hands above my head…running his hands up and down my arms, sending tingles through my spine… his lips against mine… I hate this…I wish he loved me properly, as I do him…

But I shall have to bear my love in silence. Never let you know how I feel… I love you… Bakura…

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