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Silence and Tears


Part Two: Under Attack


Roughly ten minutes before Andromeda was attacked...

Rommie walked along one of the many corridors, heading back to Machine Shop Three, where Harper was still working. As the android walked towards the shop, she tried to focus what it was that she didn't like about Lintar. It was nothing different, nothing she could really analyze... it was just something about the way she had shook Harper's hand, something about the smile she had given Captain Dylan when she first arrived. Before she could do much more thinking, she had reached Machine Shop Three.

Harper's domain.

The door opened and Rommie stepped into the mess that symbolized Harper. There was some sort of order to the chaos, otherwise how would Harper be able to instantly find anything he wanted? What ever order there was, it was so well hidden that even Rommie had yet to find it.

"Rommie, darling, light of my life." Harper said, a grin on his face. "What can I do for you?" he asked.

"What do you think of Ambassador Lintar?" Rommie answered.

"What do I think of her? You mean, besides wanting to get a little action with her?" Harper said, a suggestive leer on his face.

"Yes Harper, I mean besides your deluded belief that every woman thinks of you as a God." Rommie told him.

"I think there is something off about her, why do you ask?" Harper answered. Before Rommie could reply there was a loud crash, as something hit the side of the ship. Andromeda's hologram appeared.

"We are under attack. I repeat, we are under attack." The hologram said calmly, broadcasting the same message everywhere in the ship. Rommie and Harper exchanged glances, Harper throwing Rommie a force lance he had been up-grading. The two ran out of the Machine Shop and looked around.

"I'll try and get to Command." Rommie said. "Harper, you try and find Trance, she on this floor somewhere - most likely without any weapon." she added. Harper nodded, gripping his own gun a little more tightly before heading down the corridor away from Rommie.


Things were not going well for Beka and Dylan. The two had been up in Command when the alarm had gone out.

"Captain, I can't detect Ambassador Lintar anywhere." Andromeda said. "One intruder approaching your position." she added. The door opened and a large lizard like aline charged in, firing it's weapon as it did so. Dylan instantly fired back, uttering a curse as the energy blast seemed to phase right through the alien.

"I hate it when they cheat." Beka said grimly, shooting rapidly at the alien, to give Dylan cover fire, while he ran from behind one console to another one, in an effort to give them an edge.

"Would it kill them to play fair for once?" She muttered as the lizard shoot again, missing Beka by a hair.


Rev Bem was also having problems. Another lizard creature had attacked him, and it was only by pure dumb luck that the Magog was not toasted by the creature and it's weapons energy blast. The lizard growled, a pink tongue flicking at Rev Bem. In a blink of an eye the lizard had stepped forward, grabbing Bem around the neck. It smiled, showing it's many sharp teeth, as it leaned in closer, it's weapon digging into Bem.

At that very moment two large arms appeared around the lizard's neck, cleanly snapping it in two. Tyr Anasazi looked down at the dead intruder, disgust on his face.

"Inferior." He simply said. Rev Bem rubbed at his neck as Rommie reached them.

"Are you two okay?" she asked. Tyr nodded. "I've lost internal sensors, but before they went down Dylan and Beka were in Command along with one intruder." Rommie said, running towards command. Tyr and Rev Bem followed her.

"Were is the little professor?" Tyr asked. Rommie's lips twitched. It was not lost on either Rev Bem or Rommie that it had been Harper and none of the others, that Tyr had asked about.

"He's looking for Trance." Rommie replied. Tyr skidded to a halt.

"You let him go alone? The boy is a magnet for trouble." He said, rolling his eyes. "He will be dead in minutes... and his death will effect negatively on my chances of survival" At that, Tyr turned and ran back the way he had come, all his senses reaching out, straining forward to give him warning of any dangers.


A few decks down Harper was very confused. He had been looking for Trance when a lizard like alien had jumped from around a corner, a gun aimed right for Harper's head. The human had reacted in instinct, ducking down, his own weapon firing at the new enemy. It passed right thought the lizard. At the same split moment, Harper noticed the data port in the alien's neck and the little bit of metal sticking out of it.

"Tesseract generators? Again? Man, why do the bad guys always have the cool toys?" Harper whispered as the lizard raised it's weapon. There was no where for him to move, no way to avoid the blast that was about to hit him. Harper shut his eyes tightly, steadying himself for the injury that never came.


That was all that there was. Harper slowly opened his eyes, the lizard staring at him. Then to his complete confusion it turned and ran, using it's tesseract generator to escape.

"That's right, run you big scaredy cat!" Harper shouted, still confused. He began to preen himself. "I'm the man!" Harper said proudly, as he continued his search for Trance. He wandered through corridors, that were lit only by the emergency lighting, he moved around corners and stepped into empty rooms, in his hunt for Trance. There was no sign of his purple princess.

"Trance...?" He whispered as loud as he dared, peering down a dimly lit corridor. He was starting to get a little worried. Harper walked down the corridor on top toes, keeping to the wall, his eyes darting nervously about.

"Trance. My little pixie, come out, come out where ever you are..." He whispered, his thin voice carrying down the empty space. Harper reached one of his hidey holes and stopped.

"Come on Harper, think! If I was purple where would I go?" Harper asked himself. He peered down the empty hallway again, to make sure there was nothing coming his way. What he saw made his heart stop for a split second.

At the other end of the corridor was one of the lizard aliens. In his grasp was Trance who was struggling frantically. Harper didn't stop to think and launched himself out of his hiding space and charged towards the alien, trusting in the luck that had helped him before. He let out a battle cry, trying to find a clear shot. The alien looked up, its eyes widening at the sight in front of it. Then it dropped Trance to the ground and used its generator to escape. Harper skidded to a stop next to Trance, confused beyond measure about the aliens behavior, but not having the time to really think about it. Harper bent down and looked at his still friend, fear in his eyes.

"Trance?" He whispered, shaking her lightly. She didn't respond, just lay there, her eyes closed. "Come on..." he said, his voice trembling.

"Please wake up!" He hissed, tears stinging at his eyes. He just needed a sign, just one little bit of movement to let him know she was alive. A tiny sigh came from Trance's lips and she shifted her head slightly. Harper smiled and moved back on his heels.

//I've got to get her out of here.\\ He thought. Suddenly, Harper's head shot up, his eyes wide. He had just heard a scream. Ambassador Lintar came running around the corner, looking behind her as she did. She turned her head back and stopped dead, a few feet in front of Harper.

"Mr. Harper?" She gasped, her voice tinted with fear. "W-what are those things?" Lintar asked. Harper shrugged and ran a hand through his sandy hair.

"I don't know. Could you help me get Trance out of here?" He asked. Lintar's gaze fell on the body at her feet. She gave a little gasp of horror.

"Is... is she okay?" Lintar asked as she bent down, grabbing one of Trance's arms and putting it around her shoulder. Harper did the same with Trance's other arm and they slowly set off, Trance held between them.

"She's alive." Harper said, looking at Lintar. "Tha-" He stopped, his eyes on her data port, seeing the tesseract generator sticking out of it. Harper swallowed dryly and forced himself to carry on talking after only a seconds pause.

"That's all I know." He said. Lintar's eyes narrowed and she stopped, her hand flying to her neck. Harper froze as Lintar snarled and stepped away, letting go of Trance. Harper staggered slightly as the full weight of Trance was suddenly thrust on him. His hand twitched and moved towards his weapon.

"Don't even think about it." Lintar said dangerously. "I have a double advantage here - my tesseract generator and your injured friend." She sneered. "You just have to be so damn observant don't you Mr. Harper. That's one of the reasons my boss is so interested in you." Lintar said. Harper swallowed again, tiny beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Your boss wouldn't happen to be big, fiery and the God of the Magog would he?" Harper asked. Lintar smiled but didn't answer.

"The Spirit of the Abyss was very impressed with you. Now that Satrina is... no longer working for him, he has an empty position which he would like you to fill." She said, as if reciting a poem. Harper's eyes widened slightly at the mention of Satrina. He knew that Lintar meant she was dead.

"You know, that's really, really generous of him, but like I said before, I don't want to be one of his minions." Harper said.

"He wants you to be a lot more than a minion. Satrina was one of his best. Now she has gone, he wants you to take her place." Lintar said. Harper shook his head.

"No thanks, nice of you to offer but I'm quite happy here." He said, edging away slightly.

"This isn't an offer." Lintar said, moving forward and pulling Trance away from him. The purple alien fell to the ground as Lintar clasped Harper around the arm and stepped forward, using her tesseract generator to move both of them to her own ship. She let go of his arm and he gave a tiny stagger backwards.

"There is no choice in this matter Seamus Zelazny Harper." Lintar said, lifting her gun and firing it. Harper only had time to realize it was some kind of tranquilizer gun before it hit him. He blinked a few times, and fell to his knees. Lintar's cold smile was the last thing he saw before the darkness claimed him.

Lintar hurried over to her controls and powered up the engines, unlocking the docking clamps.


"Captain, Ambassador Lintar's ship is powering up." Andromeda's hologram said. The lizard alien looked up at the holograms words then turned and ran. Dylan stared at it in shock then shook his head, stepping out from behind the console. Beka stood up, dusting herself down.

"Well, that was fun." She said sarcastically.

"Thank you for your hospitality Captain Hunt." Lintar's voice said, her face on the viewing screen. "It was so kind of you to let me come aboard. I hope my friends didn't cause to much trouble." She added.

"What do you want?" Dylan asked. Lintar laughed - a high cold laugh.

"I already have what I want Captain Hunt." She purred. "And while I am sure you want to chase after me, your little purple friend is currently in great danger and one of my friends has taken your slipstream off drive. Thank you once again for giving me your little mudfoot." she said. Beka tensed.

"What have you done to Harper?" She snapped. Lintar just smiled and blew them both a kiss, before terminating the communication. Her ship sped off and the two left on the bridge exchanged worried glances.


Inside Lintar's ship, the red haired woman stared down at her captive, the music of the Spirit of the Abyss in her mind. She turned back to the controls and plotted her course. The Andromeda must not find her until it was too late.


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