As the world turns, spinning in a circle that never stops, I wish it would stop, for a moment longer, perhaps for eternity. Time rushes quickly, moving as a spinning wheel, slowly fabricating our destiny. I continually count the seconds, willing them to quit passing, willing them to rest along their journey. I regretfully step closer to my love, trying relentlessly to bottle up the tears. I can no longer look at him. My heart fills with grief, and I no longer can suppress the tears. Slowly they fall, gentle tears, like raindrops, softly falling to the ground. The sound they make as they hit the ground batters my heart, and soon I am weeping uncontrollably. He looks at me, kind with emotion, and caringly he tries to comfort me. I do not wish to break his heart, and yet he begins to weep with me. For a moment, time has stopped, and I wish it would forever. But the minutes pass, and he soon pulls away, lifting my chin. He looks at me and tenderly whispers: "I can't leave you like this. I love you too much. I will stay." But I know that this is what he's been dreaming of, all his life. I softly whisper back, "No, I can make it. My heart will break, and I must live in pain for all my life, but you must go. This is what you want. I will die someday, and peace will come, but you can find peace now, in the Undying Lands. If you stay, you will not be happy. I want you to be eternally blissful." He looks at me, his eyes wet with sadness and joy, for he knows that I love him entirely, and all I want for him is happiness. He slowly pulls away from me, and heads for the ship, never averting his eyes from my face. I sit here crying, loving him with all my heart. The pain in my heart may someday fade, but it will be awhile. It feels as though my soul has split in two, leaving only half of me to face the rest of my life. Perhaps it has. He always seemed like another part of me, and sadly I watch him go. The anchor is drawn, and soon the ship is sailing away. I stand on the shore waving halfheartedly, for the other half of my heart is with him. My heart is broken, and even the greatest smiths in heaven cannot mend it. But the pain will fade, if not for many years, and he shall be happy. That thought will be like a light to me, leading me through all the hard times without him. I stand there, watching him go. Still his eyes have never left mine, and I whisper through the air to him, "Namarië, nin melethron, namarië." I know he has heard me, and I slowly turn and walk away, and the wheel continues to spin, leaving me lamenting for my love.