Instant Flames of Romance?!

It was just a normal day in a small town in Japan. Everything was quiet, people were relaxing, it was very peaceful.


"It's a demon! Run!" screamed one of the nobles of the town.

All the townspeople ran around in complete fear in all different directions from the danger among them.

It was Setsuna, a tall and arrogant spirit of the underworld. He had no conscience, and a large hatred for every living thing. With his large sword and some lightning attacks, the poor townspeople were doomed!

"Damn disgusting creatures! I will make sure that you are all completely annihilated!" He announced to them all as he removed the sheath off his sword and threw it into the air. He then dived into the frightened crowd and unleashed a power lightning attack, killing many of the townspeople.

"Someone save us!" A woman cried who was soon silenced by Setsuna's sword.

Setsuna then landed on his feet and watched the fools crying and fleeing. This terrible sight amused him. Seeing he caused so much terror delighted him. Behind him, an owl holding his sheath flew up to him and dropped it. Setsuna caught it and he resheathed his sword. The owl landed on his shoulder as he continued to enjoy his terror.

The sky then became dark... and Setsuna held his sword up, ready to use his final attack. "This is the e.."

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Shouted a voice.

"What?" Setsuna stopped and turned back. Behind him, was a young priestess named Akari. On her shoulder, she held a Shinto priest staff.

"I'm gonna stop ya, ya monster!"

Setsuna then took a good look at her. After a moment of silence, Setsuna exploded in a sea of laughter. "You must be joking! An insolent whelp such as yourself could never defeat someone like me!" He replied.

"Oh shut up." She growled. "You think ya so big, killin' innocent people. You bastard. I'll make sure you never kill anyone ever again!" She then spun her staff around like a baton, then she pointed at him.

Setsuna then stopped laughing.

"Your Kansai accent (sorta like a New York accent) irritates me. I'm sick of it, but I'm even more sick of your disgusting face." He then unsheathed his sword again and pointed it at her.

"What?! AHH! You jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!" She stopped and screamed at him. She then pulled down her eyelid and stuck her tongue out.

"..." Setsuna then began his final attack, and a lightning-like aura covered him.

"Die!" He screamed as he attacked her. Akari was hit, and Setsuna laughed.

"Is that it?"

Then from above opened up a portal. From the portal, Akari fell out of a demon's mouth and she attacked Setsuna. He quickly dodged her hit.

"Not bad... but you didn't get me."

"Oh?" ^_^

Setsuna then noticed he had a sacred scroll on his chest. Akari then uttered a spell.

"That should keep you from attacking, Setsuna!" Akari said to him, laughing and dancing. She then heard Setsuna laughing again.

"Oh no... now what?" o_O;;

Setsuna then pulled the scroll off. "You have to do better than that!"

He then attacked her again, which she barely dodged.

"Ahh!" She fell flat on her face. Setsuna jumped from above.

"Now, you will die!" Before he landed, Akari tapped the ground with her staff, and from underground came a centipede demon. She grabbed onto his back and flew past Setsuna.

"What is this?!" o_o

"AHH!!!" When she got high enough, she let go of the demon and flew behind Setsuna. She then attacked with a sharp blow to the back of the head with the staff. Setsuna's vision and hearing began to change until he lost both his sight and sound and blacked out.

"Miss Akari did it!" Screamed a man. "Hip hip hooray!" They all picked her up and cheered.

"Wait a minute!" Akari said and ran back to where Setsuna was. She then placed a scroll on Setsuna's face which kept him from waking up. One of the townspeople and his children then took his body far away and left it in a forest.

"Let's go children." The father told them.

"Okay daddy." Said one of them. They were busy jumping on Setsuna. He was harmless now, so they took advantage.

"Mori, stop that! What if he wakes up?" Said the boy's sister whose brother was stepping on Setsuna's face.

"Relax, Mako. Nothing will happen.. whoa!" He fell off Setsuna's face.

"Ow..." He rubbed the back of his head. He looked at his sister who looked really scared.

"What?" He noticed the scroll was stuck to his foot. "AHH!!!" Setsuna started to move.

"Run!" They both ran after their father and went home.

An hour later, Setsuna was awake. With bad vision and his hearing ruined as well, he stood up.

"Damn that whelp! I shall send her to hell!" He then began to walk aimlessly. -------------

Meanwhile, in another town not too far away... a train has just pulled it from the town of Kyoto. From it came Lee Rekka. He was wearing a trenchcoat and a hat. He then picked up the bag he brought a long with him and walked off the train.

Walking into this town which was new to him, we went asking for a place to eat. He found a restaurant and went in.

"It'll be ready in a few minutes, sir."

"Thank you."

Lee then sat back to meditate. He was trying to locate where he felt this evil aura. During this, right by him were two girls.

"I just bought this perfume that smells great!" Said one.

"Ooh! Sister, you're so lucky! Can I smell it?" Said the other.

"No." She replied. "You're too young for this. I'm a grown woman and this is used to attract men."

"Eh?! Really? Let me use it!" Her little sister said, grabbing the bottle.

"No! It's mine!" She screamed, pulling it back to her.

They then began to fight over the bottle, spilling it, causing it to go all over.

"Oops..." They said... o.o;;

Lee was covered in the perfume. How horrid! The girls then ducked out of sight. Recca stood up and saw he was soaked in it.

"Oh no..." .

He then grabbed his things and left.


End of Chapter 1