Because you all asked for it, here's chapter 3!

It was nightfall. Lee Rekka had finally reached the house he was staying in. So tired, he was using a walking stick to get to his destination.

"Finally." He wheezed as he fell down to his knees.

He felt his hair hit his face. Lee had forgotten that his hair was still loose. He took a string he had inside his suit and tied his hair up.

"That guy... ugh. The whole reason I'm still in Japan is to find that evil presence. I would say it's him but... he seems more like an idiot than an evil demon."

Lee got back up and dusted off his pants. He sighed. "I'm still so young yet I'm as brittle as an old man."

He knocked on the front door of the house. "Hello? Takahashi-san?" That was the name of the housekeeper. "Hello..." He grabbed onto the door and slid it open. His eyes widen, and he dropped his walking stick. "You..."

Setsuna was inside the house. The housekeeper, Takahashi, was tied up with a gag in her mouth. Setsuna had his sword to her throat as he grinned evilly at Lee.


"You again?!" He screamed. He looked at Takahashi's face. She was blue with fear. "Don't hurt Takahashi-san!"

"What's wrong, Shoune-chan? Don't want to become my bride?"

Lee screamed at Setsuna. "Damn it! I don't want to be your BRIDE!" He clenched his fist as he slowly gathered ki with them.

"Oh, Shoune-chan, if I could hear your sweet voice, I'd probably cut your throat. Are you like other women? Who whine about everything?" He put his sword to Lee's throat. "Tell me now, so I won't waste my time."


"Sure, I will miss you, and I will be sad. But I shall move on!" He noticed Lee had already ran off with Takahashi.

"DAMN YOU, SHOUNE!" Setsuna roared as his firey spirit cut through the sky. A light shot through the house and up into the clouds. "AHHH!!!" Electric bolts shot from his body and the house went on fire.

Lee looked back to the house at was set ablaze.

"Forgive me, Takahashi-san! I did not want this to happen!"

She was still gagged and tied up as she growled.

"Oh!" He noticed she was still gagged. "Sorry, but I DO like you more this way."

Not looking, Lee bumped into a man in front of him. He fell back and onto the ground. Takahashi flew to another direction.

"Ow... sorry... eh?" He looked in front of him and saw a man in a pink kimono with flowers. He reeked of sake and his face was flushed.

"Ugh... whoa there..." He sat down.

"Sorry about that... um... aren't you Amano?"

"I don't know who I am right now, seinen." He burped loudly, making Lee feel disgusted.

Amano looked around. "Hey, what's the deal with that guy?" He pointed at the upcoming Setsuna. He looked to Lee who was out of sight, with Takahashi still on the floor.

"DAMN YOU SHOUNEEEE!!!" Setsuna was running at top speed. The ground underneath him elevated and shot up. The earth shook and he was catching up to Lee.

Lee decided it was time to stop running. He stopped and turned to Setsuna. "I need to stop this... now!" He held his hands in from of him. "HA!" From his body emerged a strange glow.

Setsuna was still coming at him. For a moment his vision cleared and he saw Lee's real form. Then his vision blurred again and he saw his Shoune-chan. He stopped and stared at Lee. In his mind he still saw him blurry, but now he was aware of his real form.

Lee was busy focusing ki (energy) into his palms. He saw Setsuna stopped attacking and was just staring at him.


"You... bastard." Setsuna clenched his fist and silently sobbed. "Where... is my Shoune-chan..."

"Shoune-chan?" Lee blinked.

"Give me..." He struck Lee with his sword. "BACK MY SHOUNE-CHAN!"

Lee felt the tip of the sword cut him. "Damn it." He fell to his knees and held his wound.

Setsuna reached for a handful of Lee's hair and pulled him close to his face. "I'll kill you..."

He paused. The sweet perfume was still on Lee's clothes. "That is Shoune-chan's scent. Shoune...?"

Lee was losing his consciousness from his wound.

"Shoune? Shoune, forgive me!" He cried. "Why am I crying for this human? I never expected I would ever care if you died, Shoune."

Setsuna held him tightly.

Lee winced, feeling the pain from his wound.

"Hang on... Shoune-chan..."

At that moment... Lee blacked out.