Title: The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Author: Vix (Vix_Chic@hotmail.com)

Category: Seth and Ryan brotherly stuff

Rating: PG

Disclaimers: I own nothing :)

Author's Note: This didn't turn out quite how I wanted but if you like it I was considering doing a Ryan POV complement. Whatcha' think?

This was the best Thanksgiving ever. The smells were... A lot like charcoal actually. The family was... unbearable, and the company...was confusing to say the least.

Given that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, this should have been my worst nightmare. Mu Shu Pork replaced my roasted turkey. The floor my table. And two rather sizable bruises my Thanksgiving cheer.

My mother was drunk because of my grandfather who, uninvited, invaded our house with the evil walking, talking Mary Kay counter from next door. I lost and hurt two of the most beautiful girls who were ever into me...actually, the only two girls who were ever into me. And my brother abandoned me.

The boy who has come to symbolize to me everything a brother should be- left. To see his 'real brother'. Someone I could never measure up to. He went back to Chino.

I never feel threatened... That's a lie. I have never felt so threatened by one person. Ryan takes up for me, stands up for me, jokes with me, lives with me, and tolerates me. Trey got him arrested. Yet he went... I offered to go, but he doesn't want me to met his 'other' family.

Man, that hurt.

But five words are what made two bruises, a burnt turkey, two sirens, six bickering adults, and internal pain melt away into 'the deliciousness' that Thanksgiving always has been for me.

Five little words changed everything.

"It's good to be home."

Suddenly the bruises were decorations. The Mu Shu Pork a feast and every nagging thought in my head ceased for a moment.


This was his home. This was his family, and I... I am his brother.

All in all this is possibly the best Thanksgiving I've ever had.

The End