A/N I have decided, after almost 2 years, to give Buffy fanfiction another chance, against my better judgment. The truth is, I miss writing, I love it so much!  And lately, I've really missed Buffy.  Don't get me wrong, I am so pleased that they put Spike on Angel, but I miss my weekly Spuffy fix. So this new series I'm starting is actually therapy for myself.  If you are a Buffy/Spike fan who is also going through withdrawals, come join me in my delusional little world where Buffy and Spike will always be together! Yeah!! It will start out a little angsty, but I hope for it to become pretty light-hearted.

*Buffy and Spike are sent back to relive the last six years, in order to produce a different outcome. (One that all Spuffy fans will love!) Not to mention that I want to play with my favorite characters again! (I will avenge you Anya!!) I want to create a world where we see how much better life in Sunnydale would have been if Buffy and Spike had been together through it all.  Please keep in mind as you read that I am doing this for FUN! I may not stick to a certain timeline, or go monster by monster. We might see characters and situations happen out of order, or not at all and without explanation. Or I may just re-do an actual episode of the show step by step.  It may even get a little silly every now and then, but I want to enjoy doing this. (That way I'll be more likely to stick with it, and not have to endure so many death threats!)

As always, feedback is very appreciated, but suggestions are very nice too.  In fact, should you feel moved to write a little episode in my world, I'd be more than happy to include it.

*One last thing, I do not have a beta reader, and I'm not really planning on getting one. It usually just slows down the process.  I am a meticulous proofreader, but I will not catch all mistakes. If you want to let me know about any, that's fine. But depending on how big it is, I may not bother to change it.

Whew!! Ok, on with story…….