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*~~~Chapter 1-The Arrival~~~*

Seveus Snape was sitting in his Potions Dungeon looking through his papers. He checked the clock. 2pm. One hour before the students started arriving. He was about to take a break when a stack of paper fluttered to the ground. He sighed as he bent to pick them up, his rather long, black hair falling into his eyes. Another hour of arranging papers in alphabetical order. He sat down and got to work.

Harry Potter sat in the Hogwarts Express. He glanced out the window. About half an hour before they reached Hogwarts.
Beside him, sat a redhead and a girl with long, brown, bushy hair.
"Harry, is anything wrong?" asked Ron. He was from the Weasley family, all whom were famous for their flaming red hair.
Harry blinked, drawing himself away from his daydreams. "I'm okay," he replied rather hesitantly. But he was not okay: When he had gone back to Privet Drive, the Dursleys had ignored him as usual. That, he was thankful for. But everything had changed when Aunt Marge broke her leg and decided to move in so the family could take care of her. Now she, unlike the Dursleys, knew nothing about Harry being a wizard. But she had heard from Aunt Petunia about the so-called Best Lawn Competition from the summer before. She had been enraged that Harry had tricked her relatives, so she decided to make him pay.
The second she had arrived, she started making Harry's life as miserable as possible. As if the Dursleys weren't bad enough. She beat him and whipped him, then locked him in the cupboard without dinner. But that wasn't all. He was also forced to sweep the floor and dust the rooms and do the weeding... and anything else she could think of. It had been horrible.
Now, as Harry sat in the Hogwarts Express, he was careful not to flinch when his friends toucked him. His back was covered with fresh welts from the day before. He didn't know why he kept this a secret from his friends. It was just that... he felt as if he would scream if he heard their gasps and screams and questions.
Hermione Granger exchanged worried glances with each other. Their friend was hiding something, but what?
"Harry," Hermione asked uncertainly. "Are you sure nothing's wrong? You can tell us anything, you know..." She looked into her friend's emerald green eyes.
Harry found Hermione's searching look unnerving. He wanted to turn away, put his female friend gripped his arm tightly. He tried to bite back the gasp of pain, but was unsuccessful. A small moan excaped his lips.
"What's this?" Hermione asked as she held onto his hand and ripped up his sleeves. Harry closed his eyes, not wanting to see her reactions. He heard her gasp and Ron's voice saying, "Bloody hell, Harry, who did this to you?" Harry found that he was unable to answer. His entire arm was covered in scars, and he cursed himself for cryng out in pain.
"Harry, who did this to you?" repeated Ron, more urgently this time. Could the Dursleys have done this? He found it hard to believe.
"Um..." Harry stopped. What should he say? "I---"
He was cut off by Hermione. "Harry, really, there's nothing to be afraid of! Just tell us what happened..."
Harry looked at his fellowing Gryffindor's pleading face and coaxing voice. "I... not yet, Hermione, not now... I'm not... ready yet. I just ...can't. I'm sorry."
Hermione's face immediately softened. It broke her heart to see her friend like this, hurt and uncertain. "It's alright, I understand..."
"Take it easy, mate," Ron added. "Relax." His assuring voice calmed Harry.
"Thanks Hermione. Thanks, Ron. Thanks for understanding." He could not have said how much it meant to him to have his friends standing around him, caring for him.
Hermione looked at her watch. "We better change, five more minutes till we reach Hogwarts." she said as they began tidying up.

*~~~End of Chapter 1~~~*

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