Note: Oh my god, I wrote this just last night because I was so extremely bored. It needs some explaining; I imagined an argument between my two favourite hobbits, and I'm sure they fight over the same ordinary and everyday things as we do, so I decided to write a poem about it. Logic, I know. This is not to be taken serious at all. It's supposed to be fun, but god knows if I succeeded :) (The poem is constructed in a parallell style; Frodo is speaking in the three first parts, and Sam in the three second, then Frodo in the next part, and Sam in the last)

Love Quarrel

Are you to sit there
for the rest of the evening?
Arms folded
in an act of solemn grace
Oh, how I dislike
that stern look
upon your beautiful face!

You shut your mouth
eyes glum and dull
How will I break
some sense into
that hard hobbit skull?
You will not listen
when I speak and sigh
Do you care for naught
but your stubborn pride?

My dearest Sam
life is too short
for ridiculous trifles
such as the colour
of my trousers
or the size
of my breakfast plate
Sometimes I wonder
if there is anything in this world
that would please you!

Noble child of Buckland
If you could but
come to supper
when I ask you to
you would not be troubled
by an aching belly
in the morning
You gape
so ignorant
about manners
and common courtesy!

Are you to read that cursed book
for the rest of the evening?
Blue eyes piercing
your delicate hands moving
to abruptly turn the page
I walk down
the lonely smials
mutter nonsense
under my low breath

My dearest Frodo
'Tis hard to lie here
for reasons
both body and heart acknowledge
I listen patiently
for your soft steps
at the open door
Tell me, angel
How am I supposed to sleep
in these lonely sheets
without your snoring
for comfort?

The room is all too silent
Only the light of the hearth
keeps me company
The book in my lap
long forgotten
as I search longingly
for your affronted face
How I wish to caress it
until all troubles
escape your mind.

I look up
at the sound of the creaking door
to see your silhouette
your fine tousled curls
The smile dancing
upon your supple lips
Such solace you bring
to this night of nothing
but yearning and squirming!

I let my arms
embrace you then
"Oh Samwise love,
let us never fight again!"