(A/N: This is for a good friend of mine, yes that good friend of mine, so if you don't get it, awww, poor baby. I don't own any of the characters in this, except for maybe the random people, but I don't know. I also don't own a certain beverage that will pop up a little later.)

Drizzt walked into some random tavern in some random town in some random part of the realms. To tell you the truth after: being attacked by a squirrel, seeing a grinning idiot selling video games, Wulfgar commenting on how the sky was a lovely shade of blue, and having some little kid asking him how much paint he had to use to get his skin its dark color; it had been a very random day for Drizzt.

Now all the drow wanted to do was sit down and have some alcohol, some really strong alcohol. Anyway, it wouldn't matter; it took more than what any human could brew up to get him drunk, right?

Wrong. For some random reason, this random town's strongest drink had very random effects on random drows.

Wulfgar, who was there for random unexplained reasons, noticed that Drizzt seemed a little odd after he took his first sip of the strongest drink the tavern had.

"Drizzt, are you ok?" the Barbarian asked looking at Drizzt's eyes grow wide as he stared into his glass. Instead of getting a response, Drizzt giggled and downed the rest of his glass quickly.

"Yo, more of this stuff!" He yelled holding up his glass. The barmaid walked up to him and handed him a shot glass of the 'stuff.'

Drizzt drank it immediately. "Get me more." He said, his lavender eyes having trouble focusing on the barmaid. "But put it in one of those ale tankards."

"But, that's our strongest drink!" The barmaid said in shock. "I don't think that it would be a good idea for you to drink that much!"

Drizzt stood up, with the intention of looking important. "I can handle it! Can't you see I'm a drow? And it takes the strongest stuff of them to knock me down, or even get me drunk! So do as I say or I'll kill Wulfgar!"

"Heeeyyyy . . ." Wulfgar said looking up at Drizzt.

Drizzt held out a hand. "Silence brutish barbarian, or do you wish to become a headless chicken like the rest of the brutish people I have turned into headless chickens?"

Everyone in the bar just blinked and stared at Drizzt as he suddenly giggled and sat down watching the light reflect through his two empty glasses. "Ooohhh, pretty colors!"

As soon as the barmaid set the huge tankard of the beverage in front of Drizzt, he jumped up and hugged her sobbing, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" The barmaid was so scared that as soon as Drizzt let go of her and started steadily drinking his beverage, she ran and hid behind the counter.

Wulfgar watched in amazement as Drizzt spent a whole five minutes drinking steadily. As soon as Drizzt set down his mug, he fell face forward onto the table, apparently unconscious. Wulfgar prodded the drow to make sure, and was satisfied when Drizzt fell off his chair and landed on the floor with a loud thud.

The barbarian stood up and stepped over Drizzt to pay for the beverage and a couple of rooms, but when he turned around, Drizzt was nowhere to be found. He also heard the barmaid comment that all the stuff Drizzt had been drinking had disappeared all of the sudden.

Then an insane cackle could be heard from out in the street that sounded a lot like Drizzt. Well, Wulfgar assumed that it sounded like Drizzt because he had never heard Drizzt cackle evilly before. But it did sound a lot like the giggles he had heard from the drow earlier, so he immediately ran out into the street. What he saw confused, amazed and made him laugh all at the same time.

A dark figure holding two magic scimitars stood on a roof, his cloak fluttering lightly in the wind. The whole, freakily coolness of this scene was shot down to the nine hells when the figure giggled and jumped from roof to roof yelling in a high pitched voice,

"Puurplee Miilkshaakees!"

With a groan, Wulfgar ran after the receding jumping drunken drow, wincing slightly as Drizzt started to sing something backwards. (Like, all the words are backwards, as well as the order of said backward words.)

Drizzt sat on a bale of hay petting Guenhwyvar while swigging some of his new favorite drink.

"Now my pretty panther pet, we shall have to capture the inventor of this lovely beverage so that we can live in happiness as we drink this stuff. Then it shall be ours and I shall call it . . ." The drunken drow paused for a moment then said, "We shall call It Mountain Dew . . . does that sound good to you my pretty pet?"

The cat just stared up in confusion at his normally sane master.