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"A Ko-Gal Princess"

-Dreams come true-

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Chapter Five:

"Well, the ball will be for 3 hours more…" Ran said "Rei affirmed he's attending with his parents."

"I am nervous to meet them," Aya said.

"Don't you worry, I know that they'll like you." She insisted to comfort her. "Everything will be alright."

Mami rushed to the Ruby palace. She is there to get Aya…

"Princess! Don't create turbulence here!" Shui cried. "Let's go back!"

"No Shui! I want my maid back. I made her stay in my palace, feed her! And what would she give in return? Such number of pains! I will let her feel that feeling of being regretted by loved ones!" Mami cried. "Ran! Go out from there!!! If you won't return my lawful maid, I'll announce war between our kingdoms!"

"Hah! What a cowardly decision!" Ran shouted back. "Have shame on you, Mami!"

"How dare you defy me?" she exclaimed and went in front of her, making a move to slap Ran, but Yuuya moved quick and prevent her form doing so.

"Nobody hurts my princess…" he said calmly.

"Let go of me!" she shouted. Shui pulled her away back to the carriage, and the duchess and duke asked for forgiveness to Ran and her family.

"We don't know where that foul attitude of Mami came," the duke said. "We tried our best to correct her, but in return, she defies us."

"That's no different," Ran said "and even her loyal maid is being aggravated. I won't let that happen for Aya is my best friend."

"That's why we doubt if she's the real heiress…" the duchess continued. "We are now searching for the prince, so that she will be out of the Sapphire throne."

"You also have a prince? But no one…"

"He was gone 13 years ago," the duchess replied "and no one knew where he was now. We are leading to some kind of investigation right now…"

"Princess Mami," Shui called "it's time for lunch…"

Mami sulks in her room right now, crying bitterly. She can't accept the fact that she was overthrown by a mere maid of their kingdom… and how she is being seen by people now…

"I should not cry because of that…" she said, "Mami, wake up from your nightmare…!"

She looked at her grave face in the mirror,

"Aya… don't ponder about Mami now…" Miyu said "you have your own life to face. You know, this sounds selfish…but, stop thinking of others. You should take care, foremost, on your self. Remember that. Only you can change your life: either for the better or worst."

"Thanks, Princess Miyu. You really made me feel free from my thoughts," she said and smiled.

"Don't mind that simple friendly advice…" she said. "Now, my princess… Are you ready to face your prince tonight? Remember. You are not the maid named Aya tonight…"

Time for the ball…

"Welcome," Ran greeted some royals who have just arrived. She is beside Miyu and Aya, and the three of them really enjoys each other's company.

"Ran!" her father called "You have to meet somebody… by the way this is Duke Tatsuki of the Emerald Kingdom."

"Hi! I am Rei's first cousin… we look alike, right?" he greeted

Ran almost threw up…

"Y-you have some difference… when it comes to complexion," she said. "But anyway, you're cool!"

"Thanks for noticing, so, can we dance?" he asked quickly, then took her hand immediately. "You know, I am the best dancer I our Kingdom."

Ran looked around for Yuuya, and she wants him for her dance…

"Now I think I look diplomatic…" Yuuya said. He found something located in a box. "What is this? A! A brooch, I must wear it so that I may look more confident. Well, this is good… Princess Ran, wait for me and I'll dance with you!"

"Miyu… can I have this dance?" Yamato said.

"Sure, why not my dear?" Miyu replied and stood from her seating. Aya was left alone in the table, until a lad dressed in a gorgeous tux came to her…

"My Princess… can I dance with you?"

Aya looked back to who is talking. She smiled.

That same voice… the voice of my beloved…

"Why not, my prince?" she replied happily and he took her hand. Reis parents happily watch them dance… and took Aya a pleasant girl for their son.

Afterwards, Yuuya finally came out. When the time for the King to announce why he seconded Ran's plan for the ball.

"Well… I want to announce that this ball… is for my daughter and future… son?!" he said.

Ran and especially Yuuya were alarmed.

"Dad! You can't do this to me!" she exclaimed…

"We formally invited the duke of the Emerald kingdom… well, so that you'll know the next member of the family… Duke Tatsuki will be engaged to my older daughter, Ran…"

Everyone clapped, and then looked at Ran.

"Congratulations!" they greeted her.

Ran stood up, and shook her head.

"You can't let me marry someone I don't love!" she cried. They all stopped clapping, and Ran looked down.

"There's just one man who made my heart race… and made me fall into him… and that's… Yuu--"

"I won't allow Princess Ran to marry him!" Yuuya shouted. Everyone looked at him.

"Yuuya!" Ran cried and run to him. "I know that you also love me!!"

But the duchess saw something Yuuya was wearing… the Sapphire brooch! It's on him!!!

"Wait! That young man holds the Sapphire brooch: A kingdom treasure… he might be…" she said and pointed out to Yuuya.

"Huh?!" everyone almost exclaimed.

"W-why me?" Yuuya asked. Then Ran smiled at him.

"C'mon! Celebrate… if you are the crown prince then… we can be together," she whispered to him.

Yuuya put out his brooch. He showed it to everyone, and the Sapphire Kingdom ensign is located there… so it means that Yuuya is the lost crown prince: the heir to the Sapphire Kingdom! Everyone clapped their hands for him. This made the couple very happy.

At the end of the night…

"Come son, and live the life you didn't have for years… the life that was taken from you by fate." The duchess said. "But that fate leads you to your beloved…"

"You're right Auntie.." he said and smiled.

"Mami!" the duchess called." Quick! We already found your brother!"

She was shocked. What will happen to her right now? Where will she be? Now the crown prince was found, and so she has no rights---.

"HI… princess Mami," Yuuya greeted,

The duchess laughed, "You shouldn't be so courteous now, Yuuya, for she is your younger sister. Take away those Princess and other courteous greetings. You are Prince Yuuya."

"Him?" Mami exclaimed. "The knight of Ruby kingdom? I can't believe it! One day I'll be surprised if my lost mom is a beggar!"

"Stop it!" the duke said angrily. "If you don't want him to be your brother, then settle off! We don't need someone who is like you!"

"Its okay, Uncle… we should understand her, she might be just shocked…"

"Ah! You are really understanding," he said. "Let's go in, you must rest and enjoy your life."

Mami angrily retreated away them the maids prepared a fine dining in honor of Yuuya's arrival. Mami didn't go with them, so instead she is eating with her family, Aya was there with them.

"Wow, Sir Yuuya, things are really meant for you and Princess Ran!" Aya said "oops, I was wrong, pardon me, Prince Yuuya."

"Aya, you don't really need to greet me that way, anyway were friends, right? And you are just like a sister to me." Yuuya said "and from now on, you and Shui will join us in every meal. Isn't that nice uncle? We will be one family I've longed for!"

"Right Yuuya, this is your family." He said. "And we will be glad if Aya will be included."

Mami entered the scene once more, and now angrily

"I won't join you! You are all cruel to me! Now you're joining two commoners to feast with us?" she exclaimed and laughed. "You awe just used by that Aya and…"

"Stop it, your highness! I have just kept my anger for you! Through the years that I served you you've always been cruel to me! And it's enough!"

"Ah! How dare you defy me in front of them?" she said back "isn't it just because you're marrying the Prince of Emerald Kingdom?"

"I think we shouldn't quarrel here… we're one family. And families don't do things like that," Yuuya said. Aya continued eating, and the rest of them. Mami went back upstairs.

"Anyway, let's just eat." The duchess said. Then she was surprised when she saw something located at Aya's neck… a glittering locket! Isn't that…

"Excuse me, I need to meet Rei outside," she said excitedly and went out.

"Good luck!" Yuuya said. "They are really a good couple."

"You are right, my prince. Ever since Aya met him, she was full of hope and happiness." Shui said.

"Hi, mp princess. Good evening." He said. "Wait, why is there a mark of sadness in your eyes?"

"We just have an ill conversation with Princess Mami…" she said and smiled. "Don't worry, it's alright now… I'm fine."

"I have a surprise for you…" he said happily. "We are now moving to the palace… and in few days…"

Aya gasped happily. "Really? I can't wait!" Aya exclaimed. "Now we will be together… you and I…"

The two of them watched the moon shining on them as they were stay on the palace garden. Mami was patiently spying on them.

"I love you Rei…" Aya whispered to him. Rei faced him, and then pressed her closely to his body… then kissed her lips. Aya also kissed him back, and they enjoy what they are doing.

[A/N: Anyway that's not bad anymore! They are boyfriends… so don't judge me if I put a thing like that here!]

And seeing that, Mami was hurt within, for she adored Rei more than any man… and a girl named Aya got his heart…

Now the life for Yuuya is fine, and now, even for our very own Aya…

***to be continued!***

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