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Tiz the Season
AN: This is the end. I am finding that life is throwing more curve-balls. I can handle them; just don't have the same passion for writing as I once had. But I thank everyone who has read this story and has left a review. Thank you eveyone who has read this story!

oft sounds penetrated her sleep. She rubbed a hand over her tired eyes, wishing that who-ever wanted her to wake up would just go away. With a soft groan escaped from her as she opened her eyes. A sharp gasp got stuck in her throat while she got over her shock of Sirius in dog form licking her face.

"That is disgusting! Sirius! You're not really a dog, so don't lick me," Hermione groaned as she sat up in a hurry. Loud barks were the only acknowledgement she got. Grumbling, she got off the couch. "Go bother Harry! Go better yet, go play fetch with George and Fred!"

"Hermione! It's past ten o'clock. If we let you sleep any longer you would be up all night," Harry admonished.

Sighing heavily, Hermione glanced at Harry. 'Would that really be so bad?' Shaking her head, Hermione attempts to smile at her best friend. "Fine, I'm up."

"Besides which Hermione, you didn't really get to meet my parents last night," Harry stated happily.

"Harry, I know that you must be in seventh heaven right now, but I really don't need a living reminder that I preformed some sort of illegal magic," Hermione stated.

"But Hermione, everything will work out you'll see. Anyways, come down to breakfast, Mrs. Weasley is cooking up a feast," Harry argued before he left the room.

"Yeah, I feel like eating," Hermione complained.

"You really should eat," Sirius stated and then laughed in delight when he noticed that he startled Hermione. "Forgot I was here, huh?"

"Yes, I did," Hermione said as she looked up at him. She was slightly put off that his eyes were not twinkling away with mischief. "What am I going to do when others are going to want me to bring back their 'long-lost loved ones'? I don't even know how I did it in this in the first place!"

"We will worry about that, you just worry about getting some breakfast," Sirius commented.

"What? I'll have you know that I have been…"

"Hermione!" Sirius barked. "You are a great many things. One you're a bloody good friend to Harry and a brilliant witch, however you are still a school girl. When it comes to matters of law, leave that to the grown-ups. As for the story that will be circulated about our 'incredible' return. James, Lily, Remus and I will think of something."

"But…. But…" Hermione stuttered. She was stung over being called a school girl by a man who never acted his age and confused for feeling hurt.

"You're not alone. We will get you though this," Sirius whispered as he moved closer. He gently laid a hand on her shoulder and gave her a friendly squeeze. "Now, I believe Harry said something about breakfast," Sirius said as he guided her out of the library and towards the kitchen.

The warmth coming off of his hand was somehow comforting to Hermione. As she got closer towards the kitchen she was relaxed. 'Maybe it will turn out all right?' Hermione thought as she took several deep breaths as she entered the kitchen. She wasn't prepared to see Harry sitting between his parents. She froze in the doorway.

"Hermione, dear, do take a seat. I'll be with you shortly," Mrs. Weasley ordered in her usual fashion.

James watched the girl who brought them back stare at them with a frozen deer-in-the-headlights look. He saw terror and horror warring in her eyes.

"I'll have a spot of what-ever you're making," Sirius stated, breaking whatever trance that held Hermione. James felt her penetrating gaze inspect him over; making him think that she could perceive all of his flaws.

"James, did you even try to comb your hair today?" Sirius teased as he accompanied Hermione to the table.

James was fascinated when Sirius displayed gentleman etiquette by pulling out a chair for Hermione to sit in.

"Hey! That's not fair! Not everyone can have hair like you. Good morning, Hermione," James alleged. He watched the girl glance at Sirius and then his son before greeting him.

"Good morning, Mister Potter," Hermione choked out.

"Mister? Mister? She called me mister…. Lily you have to do something about this," James groaned. He observed several things, a blush creeping up on Harry's face and Hermione's face going paler. Looking over at his wife, he sent her a pleading look.

"Hermione's just being polite. She didn't mean to offend you," Harry whispered.

"He's not offended; he's just looking for attention. James, do try to behave yourself in front of our son's friends," Lily snapped responding to his silent signal.

"Is everything alright?" Hermione inquired.

"It's fine, more then likely Lily wants some coffee and James is refusing to allow her any," Sirius laughed, picking up on James' plea.

"Coffee is not good for the baby. She can have tea, milk or water and on special occasions wine," James lobbied as he watched all of the color leave Hermione's face. 'In for a knut, in for a Galleon. Let's hope she doesn't crack,' James thought.

"James, I might be having a child but that does not make me one," Lily hissed. He could feel her green eyes glaring at him. Swallowing hard, James was just about apologize when Hermione leaned towards Sirius.

"Are they always like this?" Hermione inquired softly.

"Pretty much" Sirius dismissed as Mrs. Weasley put a plate of food in front of Hermione. "Eat Hermione."

With those words, James came to a startling realization, that Sirius had the unique ability to put Hermione at ease.

hroughout the day, Hermione found herself decorating Christmas cookies that Mrs. Weasley had baked earlier. After her cousin had left for home, she found that the tension in the house seemed to evaporate. She was slowly getting use to have Harry's mom around as she helped wrap presents in the kitchen.

She found that James wasn't so bad in small doses. But it was Sirius that was confusing her the most. It was the little things that would shift her focus from her task. The sound of his laughter, his playful nature, even the way he smelled was starting to get to her. She felt that her checks were going to catch fire soon, if she didn't stop blushing.

Hermione found herself a little relieved when Mrs. Weasley forced everyone to go to bed, once all the presents were statically placed under the tree. She could even hear every one of the Weasley children complain, when Mrs. Weasley tucked them into bed.

hat night, there were three men sitting in front of the roaring fire within the library. Each one had a strong drink and that they would occasionally take a sip from.

"It's good to have you back," commented one of the men.

"Well it's good to be back, Remus," James laughed. "So has our cover story been leaked out?"

"Yes. The wizarding world has gone crazy because of it," Remus sighed. "Sirius, it's a damn good thing you studied law."

"Why is that?" Sirius asked general concerned.

"They wanted to charge her with violating the dead and drag her before the court," Remus stated in a flat voice.

"Well, they can try, but the law is clearly on her side," Sirius commented.

"But for how long? Remember she's a muggleborn," James asked playing devil's advocate.

"She might be a muggleborn, but she's smart. Extremely smart, don't forget that she's also the 'boy-who-lived' otherwise known as Harry's best friend," Sirius pointed out.

"They really don't care if she's his best friend or not. They'll still attempt to drag her into court Remus stated. "They did the same with Harry."

Growling, Sirius looks directly at James and then Remus. "She'll be under my protection by then."

"Sirius! Are you serious?" Remus asked shocked. "Do you understand what that means?"

"Yes! And don't tease her, James," Sirius barked as he glared at James.

"But Sirius….you have my support. But you're going to have to explain this to Lily and Harry, because I'm not," James muttered concerned.

"Lily already knows," Sirius dismissed as he took a sip of his drink.

"Do you really think it's going to come to that?" Remus questioned.

"At the rate Dumbledore is pushing this, yes I do," Sirius stated.

"I just don't understand what got into that man?" James muttered as he took a sip of his drink. "What is the point of putting her on trial?"

"To prevent anyone else from recreating what she did, I hope. But this doesn't feel that way," Remus answered. "It feels more personal."

"I agree. This feels wrong somehow," James agreed. "Do you think Voldemort has control over Dumbledore?"

"Hell no! The man's smart. But Moody is more paranoid now more then ever. He's already hit Dumbledore twice with the reversal spell. I'll speak to Harry, Ron and Hermione; they might know something without knowing. Which will help us resolve this little dilemma," Sirius offered.

"They might know something, but I think Dumbledore has kept them in the dark more then anything else," Remus stated. "Our Sirius, from this time, died because he kept them in the dark."

"Thanks," Sirius sarcastically mumbled.

"So when do you plan of informing Hermione of this little decision of yours?" James inquired.

"I'm not," Sirius answered.

"Sirius!" Remus admonished. "You can't do something like this and not inform her." Remus heard Sirius snort in response. "I'm serious," Remus stated and then sighed when Sirius opened his mouth. "I know your name! But you can't make a life altering decision without at lest talking to Hermione," Remus snapped.

"Relax mate. I don't think it's going to be such a hardship on Hermione's side, as you think it will be," James comments. At Remus' blank look, James rolled his eyes. "Incase you failed to notice, Hermione is attracted to Sirius. She's much more relaxed when Sirius' is around and she was blushing like a school girl."

Sirius flinched at the school girl comment but otherwise remained silent.

"That's because she is a school girl!" Remus hissed.

"Since when?" Sirius probed. Looking over at Remus, he could see that Remus didn't understand his question. "Since when has Hermione ever acted like any school girl, we have known?" he clarified. "Now I understand that you're concerned that Hermione is still in school and might not understand what I'm offering. And if she did understand, she might not know what it fully entails. Do you think so little of me, that I would trick someone into this kind of commitment?"

"No, I don't think you would try to trap her. I… I just don't want to see her or you for that matter hurt," Remus whispered. "Hermione has been nothing but good to me. She knew that I was a werewolf, but she didn't say anything. And she's been such a great friend to Harry… that I'm afraid he would be lost without her. But at the same time, I've never seen you so...so… settled either."

"Then don't worry about it," James instructed. "This is all on Sirius. He has to get the girl to agree to this. He's so going to need our support."

"He's got mine," Remus stated quietly.

"That's all I need," Sirius reassured.

etting up early had always relaxed Hermione. It also helped her prepare for the day. She was busy in the kitchen making a spot of tea, when she felt that she was no longer alone. Turning her head, she spotted Sirius standing in the doorway.

"Morning," Sirius greeted but otherwise didn't enter the room.

"Morning," Hermione whispered as her nerves started to take over. She felt herself flush. 'Why does he have to look so good?' she questioned. Taking a deep breath, she finished making her tea. "Did you want a spot of tea?" Hermione asked.

"No thank you," Sirius stated as he moved gracefully into the kitchen. He took a seat opposite of her. Keeping his eyes trained on her face. Sirius noticed that she looked refreshed. "We need to talk."

"Um… okay," Hermione chocked out. "What about?"

"Dumbeldore wants to bring you in, and charge you with several very serious crimes, that have a mandatory time sentence in Azkaban. Now we are working to prevent this from happening, there are things that we can not foresee."

"Ah, I don't know what to say," Hermione mumbles. She stared at her hands, until she gathered enough courage to look up into Sirius' silver orbs. She found them fascinating.

"Hermione, there is a way to stop Dumbledore dead in his tracks. However, once this path is started there is no going back," Sirius offered. Seeing that he held her attention, he smiled at her. He noticed that she flushed.

"What is this way?" Hermione probed.

"I can offer you my protection," Sirius replied. "As the last living member of a pure-blood family, I can offer my future bride the protection of my family name. Even though, currently I'm a wanted criminal, the female that has this protection is exempt from prosecution."

"Why is she exempt from prosecution?" Hermione quizzed.

"Because the wizarding world can not afford to lose the one pure-blood family names," Sirius answered. "It's politics Hermione. The law has allowances for brides in school and a time restrictions on it. I'll have the breakdown in the library." Sirius placed one of his hands over hers. Lacing their fingers together, they made their way to the library.

arry moved swiftly towards the library. He hoped that he would catch Hermione working on her homework. Upon reaching the landing, he heard soft giggling coming from down the hall. As he approached the library, he could have sworn that the person laughing was Hermione.

Slowing down, he peered into the library. There before him, he saw Hermione sitting on the floor, smiling blissfully at Sirius. She was laughing at whatever outrageous story he was telling. Narrowing his eyes, Harry scrutinized Sirius's actions. 'He likes her,' Harry thought. 'And she likes him, in return.'

After spending several minutes watching them, Harry shook his head to shake himself out of his stupor. 'I don't think I've ever seen either one of them this happy,' Harry contemplated as he turned heading back the way he came.

rowling lowly, he glanced at the pair from his corner in the room. He noted that something was different, but what he couldn't place. Narrowing his eyes, he barely noticed Harry's move.

'Bloody hell, if I keep this up. He might actually win a game,' Ron thought. Stroking his chin, he moved his knight, thus thoroughly slaughtering Harry's Bishop. 'That should teach him to mess with me,' Ron reflected as he smirked at Harry. Glancing yet again, he observed that Hermione was ensnared by something living. 'He hurts her, he's a dead man. Again,' Ron planed. Looking up at Harry, he nodded his head towards the pair and winked. At Harry's returned wink, Ron focused on his game.

bserving his best friend, Remus smiled at his antics. He hadn't felt this lighthearted in years. The evening improved when his other best friend joined the party, providing a different view on all of James's stories. For the first time in a long time, Remus felt as if he wasn't alone.

He felt complied to add several of his adventures when James and Sirius started to rough house. He laughed more that night then he had in decades. His eyes started to tear up when he got to watch James and Harry interact with each other.

When the twins turned on the wireless radio, he got to watch James insist that Lily needed to dance with him. Slowly, couples started to join the pair. Taking a cue from James, Remus tugged on Tonks' hand until she joined him on the dance floor.

Swaying to the music, he glanced up to spot Sirius and Hermione moving to the music. 'I think this is the first time I've seen him so content. She always understood him,' Remus thought.

The Miraculous Return of the Potter's and Sirius Black
By: Rita Skeeter

Dear Readers,

Remember this date! The Potters have returned! That's right, you have heard correctly. The long dead Potter's were brought back to us, this wondrous Christmas season. Miracles really do happen!

As if this miracles was not enough, Sirius Black. That's right Sirius Black returned also! He's name was recently cleared of any wrong doing with regards to the murder of the Potters.

How did this miracle happen? It was during a random Death-Eater attack on muggle-born, who is Harry 'Boy-Who-Lived' Potter's best friend, through a mix of spells and potions caused the return of the Potters. This answer dissatisfied Dumbledore, who has pushed for a full investigation into the matter.

Sirius Black announces his engagement!
By: Rita Skeeter

Dear Readers,

This scandalous rumor is true! Sirius Black is officially off the market today. This is no information about who the young lady is that Mister Black has become ensnared with, but have no fear readers, I will find out!

Potter's Give Birth to a Girl!
By: Rita Skeeter

Mrs. Lily Potter had recently given birth to a baby girl. Both mother and child are doing well and have returned to their home. They were accompanied by Mister Potter and his best friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

The Demise of the Dark Lord!
By: Rita Skeeter

He-who-must-not-be named is DEAD! The Wizarding world is celebrating. Harry Potter and friends have defeated the Dark Lord!

Married! Sirius Black has Married!
By: Rita Skeeter

Dear Readers!

You will not believe this, but Sirius Black has eloped! He not only got married, but he married a muggle-born! He married a girl barely out of Hogwarts! The muggle-born that he eloped with was Harry Potter's best friend and one time girlfriend, Hermione Granger.

Is this the end of the friendship that destroyed the Dark Lord? Stay tuned.

It's a Black Day for the Wizarding World
By: Rita Skeeter

The Black's have given birth to a little boy. Both mother and child are in good health. Sirius Black and James Potter had gotten into a brawl just outside of the hospital. It took Remus Lupin, long time friend to both Potter and Black to break up the fight. Harry Potter was no where to be seen on the day, his ex-best friend gave birth.

Potter forgives!
By: Rita Skeeter

Harry Potter forgives his ex-best friend for marrying his god-father. Mister Potter was asked to be god-father of the Black child. And he accepted! The ceremony was held at a secure location.

The End