This just a little thing I've been working on while I'm bored during lectures. I haven't had a chance to find a beta reader so I'm sure there are mistakes I haven't found. I figured since I've written it I may as well post it and see what people think.

" " = English // \\ = native language * *= goa'uld

Run. She knew she had to keep running. Her thoughts were jumbled, filled with days of torture, images of her friends shot and left for dead, family- Janet and Cassie were all that were left now. She needed to get home. God was she even going in the right direction? The forest is full of thick underbrush, constantly snagging her fatigues, slowing her down, confusing her.

It was getting harder to run. Her broken arm clutched protectively to her chest to avoid jarring, bruised or broken ribs, knife wound in her left thigh-all making it impossible to keep up her pace. She slowed to a walk, then a stager before finally collapsing to the forest floor

* * * *

"General we have to go back!"

"I'm doing all I can. Go see to the rest of your team."

* * * *

//Father! Come quick!\\ a tan young man called in the early morning light.

//What.\\ Jankle stood next to his son gazing down on a still form.

//Is he alive?\\

Jankle cautiously bent down and rolled the man onto his side causing him to moan and startling Jankle. //Run and get the others!\\

Jankle carefully looked over the injured man before him. He was dressed in strange clothes and badly beaten. Soon the others arrived including Semla, the village healer.

//Careful. We must take her back to the village.\\


//Yes, her. No man can be so lovely. Especially in such a state.\\

Several men bent down to lift her, the smallest movement caused her to scream. Fully awake she looked from face to face, terrified she tried to scoot back away only to have them get closer.

"Stay back!" Sam yelled. Scrambling to her feet she tried to break free of the circle of men. "Get back! Stay away from me!"

She barely made it two steps before her leg gave out on her and she crashed to the ground. Pain flared and she curled up on her side, knowing she wouldn't be able to escape.

Soft murmuring caused her to open her eyes. Mere inches in front of her was a deeply tanned woman speaking softly in an unknown language. She tried to jump back but her injuries and a gently touch from the woman kept her still.

//She is strong but foolish to fight our help.\\ Erkin spoke sharply.

Bright blue eyes, full of fear, snapped around to met his causing him to regret the harshness of his tone. A sharp look from Semla spurred him forward with a sigh. Slowing he knelt down next to the woman, her movement seemed to still completely to the point Erkin wondered if she still breathed. He held his hands out from his side palm up in a non-threatening manner. Once he was settled next to her he patted his chest and slowly pronounced his name then he pointed to Semla and spoke her name never once taking his eyes off the woman. The fear crept back some and she repeated their names before pointing to herself. "Sam." What a strange name Erkin thought.

Semla was grinning ear to ear, gently she touched Sam's arm then motioned for her to follow. Sam took a deep breath and forced herself into an upright position. She waited for the world to stop spinning before she hauled herself to her feet, recoiling when Erkin reached out to support her.

//Let her be. She is more strong willed then you.\\ Semla teased.

//She will not make it.\\Erkin argued.

//No she will not.\\ Semla smiled. //You best be ready. She will go until she collapses. There will be no warning.\\

//And you'll allow this?!\\

//You would tan any of us if we tried this!\\ another warrior whispered in shock.

//Yes, but I have no way to communicate with her. She fears us, to force our help would only do harm, physically as well as to our relations with her while she heals.\\

Sam walked silently between Erkin and another warrior who was never introduced. She listened to the men talk softly to the lone women in the group. Trying to taker her mind off the pain she looked at the group of men around her. They were dressed in animal skins pants with little or nothing covering their torsos. They reminded her of the stereotypical images of the Native Americans of Earth. Deep in thought she missed a tree root. Pain flared through her leg and the ground rushed up to met her. Erkin reached out and grabbed her by her broken arm, trying to stop her fall. Sam would never know if she hit the ground or not as darkness once again consumed her.

Erkin was surprised when she passed out. He carefully lowered Sam to the ground, guilt played across his face. //I'm sorry, I.\\

//Hush. It was not intentional. Come on everyone, carefully now.\\

Sam was lifted by ten of the men, five on each side. They lifted her onto their shoulders then locked arms with the man next to them, forming a human stretcher.

* * * *

Author's note: There's a lot more still. Let me know if I should keep going.