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No More

"Where am I?" Groggily Ranma opened his eyes. His vision was slightly blurred. After rubbing his eyes and blinking several times everything came into focus. His deep blue eyes met glossy chocolate brown ones.

"Akane, what's going on?" he asked in a horse whisper. Akane tried to speak but it came out as a rough sob. He was about to ask her why she was so upset when he noticed what she was wearing. His eyes widened in surprise and he had to hide a gasp. A big, white, western style wedding dress fell gracefully along her beautiful body. Thoughts were rushing through his head but one in particular stuck out. He clenched and unclenched his fists while grinding his teeth, he was furious!

Akane glanced up when she felt his battle aura flare. She knew he was beyond angry. *He really does hate me. * She thought as another tear rolled down her rosy cheek.

"Akane, who were they trying to marry you to?" Ranma was barley controlling his rage, trying not to upset her any more than she already was.

"How dare they knock me out and try to give MY fiancé to another man! Answer me Akane! Who was it?" he was barley able to keep from yelling. Akane blinked several times, now completely confused. Just then another thought struck Ranma, he went white as a ghost.

"Akane...you-you didn't go through with it did you?" he barley managed to whisper. Akane, still in a daze stared wide eyed from Ranma's previous outburst. It wasn't until she felt his shaky hand on hers that she remembered he was waiting for an answer. She looked up into his frightened and pleading eyes trying to put their current situation into words.

"Ranma, I...they weren't trying to marry me to someone else." Akane paused, trying to decide how to explain. She quickly glanced at Ranma, seeing relief flood his handsome face.

"Then what is going on Akane?" he asked while admiring how she looked in that gorgeous dress. Taking a shaky breath, she continued.

"They knocked me out too Ranma. I woke up just as they were putting the flowers in my hair. Nabiki explained that they were throwing us a surprise wedding, and then she pushed me in here and locked the door. I'm guessing they'll be coming for us soon, it's been at least two hours." Ranma was still admiring Akane's appearance with a dreamy look on his face when he finally grasped the severity of the situation.