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#Panda Signs#

No More Ch. 6: Oh My!

Kasumi Tendo had just finished setting a breakfast of grilled fish, miso soup and rice when she noticed than Ranma and Akane hadn't come down yet. "Excuse me father, Mr. Saotome? Have either of you seen Ranma or Akane this morning?"

Panda-Saotome held up the usual wooden sign #Ranma wasn't in our room this morning. (Flip) Maybe they went on an early run. # Soun Tendo nodded his head in agreement. Kasumi wasn't so sure, after what happened yesterday she was sure the two wouldn't want to get close to each other for a while. "I'll just go make sure Akane's not still in her room."

Standing and smoothing the front of her apron, Kasumi headed up the stairs. Once she reached the door with the little wooden duck sign reading Akane she paused and knocked softly. After a moment of silence, she knocked again this time a little louder. Still no answer. Reaching down, she tried turning the knob but to no avail. It's locked? She wandered down the hall to her bedroom and returned moments later with a key. I knew it was a good idea to have keys made!

Slowly turning the key in the lock, Kasumi briefly wondered if she should just let Akane sleep. She quickly dismissed this thought. Opening the door and stepping into the room Kasumi noticed Akane's bed looked a little odd. "Akane? It's time to wake up." Getting no response Kasumi decided to just pull the cover off her baby sister and wake her up forcefully.

"Oh my." Kasumi managed to mutter before turning and running from the room. Nabiki who was on her way down to breakfast, decided to take a peek in Akane's room and see what was going on.

"What the hell!" An evil smirk made itself present on Nabiki's face. There lay a very naked sleeping Akane on top of an equally naked sleeping Ranma, and from what she could tell they were still joined in a most sensitive position. She whipped out a camera from nowhere and started snapping pictures at all angles. "This is gonna be good!"

Akane woke with a start. Looking down at Ranma, she smiled softly. "mmm morning baka" leaning down she placed a gentle kiss to his lips. Beautiful blue eyes fluttered open to look into hers. "Mornin' to you too babe." Akane blushed profusely at this. Ranma chuckled and rolled them over. He smirked down at her and leaned down, giving her a feather light kiss. "Let's go eat I'm starvin'."

Rolling her eyes Akane sighed. "Ranma you have to get off me first." Blushing a bit he mumbled an apology and slowly moved out and off of her. Both hissed softly at the feeling of coming apart. Sitting up they both noticed a couple of things. First the blanket was way on the other side of the room. And to their horror, Akane's bedroom door was wide open.

"Oh great, what are we going to say to them Ranma?" She glanced over to Ranma and to her shock found him smiling. He looked to her with a gentle look is his eyes and a gentle smile on his lips.

"We are going to tell them to re-plan the wedding, what else."

Squealing in delight Akane pounced on Ranma, showering his with kisses. "I love you Ranma!" Still with that gentle smile in place, he hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

"I love you too 'Kane. No let's go eat, I'm starvin'!"

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