"Are you ready?" Neo looked at Trinity

"I'm always ready."

In the Matrix. Neo always felt a strange connection with the people still plugged into the Matrix, a connection that persisted no matter how much he repeated Morpheus's words - they are part of the system, and that system is your enemy. Maybe it was because he was unplugged so late. Whatever the reason, he could not stop thinking of the people around him as people - he killed them, without hesitation as survival necessitated, but he never liked it.

He glanced over at Trinity, pacing silently, leather-clad, beside him. With a pang, he realized he didn't know what she was thinking. Did he ever know? Yes, he thought, he usually did. But not this time. They were on a routine mission into the Matrix, a glitch that was a possible Realworlder - someone who sensed the Matrix and could be freed into the real world. Although Neo was the one, Morpheus still insisted on him going on these missions, still believed that freeing people was the most vital action they could take. But the last time they had tried to free someone, it had all gone wrong.

* * *

"What's going on?" the teenager asked, bewildered. "We want you to meet him. He will show you the truth" The teenager climbed into the car, and Trinity drove, destination Morpheus, Neo and the Exit.

A destination never reached.

A shot suddenly shattered the rear window. The kid swore, and ducked under the shower of broken glass. Trinity sank into her seat, and floored the accelerator, whole body tensing.

* * *

Ten minutes later Trinity had arrived at the Exit, with a written-off car and a dead teenager in the back seat. She had refused to tell them what had happened, and Neo hadn't pressed her. But suddenly, now, he found he did know what she was thinking. She was thinking of that kid, and that night, and the guilt was tearing her apart inside.

But outside, she remained, as always, stone.


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