To Serenity

We were separated when we were so small.
Sometimes wondered if you'd remember me at all.
When you almost lost your sight, Man I'm just
Glad that I won the money in time.
We have been through so much but we've done all right.
We've made through every challenge victor or loser
We knew that in the end we'11 still have each other.

I notice Tristan and that dice-game boy giving
You googley-eyes.
I'm not going to force you to choose but I'd advise to trust neither
Of them, your own judgement is what must truly decide.
I'm glad that you've stuck by me,
even when I tell you to go find safety.
Your determination and defiance drives me CRAZY
But that's what I also love about you so please, never change.

I've been rambling about you long enough.
Imagine if Yugi or Tristan caught me writing this poem!
Please keep it somewhere safe so no one is none the wiser.

Besides no one needs to read my poem to tell that I
JOEY WHEELER really LOVES Serenity,
My Sweet baby Sister.

With Love, J. Wheeler