Disclaimer: I don't own POTO or Veggie Tales (much as I would like to).

Silly Songs With Erik

PS: Hello, people! Because I'm a maniac, I'm going to have our beloved characters perform songs from the Veggie Tales show.

RAOUL: Waz a Veggie Tale?

PS: A Veggie Tale is a show where talking, singing vegetables perform Bible stories.

Everyone: GROAN!!

PS: But there will be no Bible stories in THIS story.

Everyone: YAY!!

PS: So now, Silly Songs With...

ERIK: Hold it.

PS: What?

ERIK: Are we going to have to dress up like vegetables?

PS: No. You just perform the songs.

ERIK: ... Am I going to hate this?

PS: Of course not.

ERIK: Good.

PS: Not all of it, anyway.

ERIK: What?!

PS: Now, without further ado...

ERIK: What do you mean "Not all of it"?!

PS: Silly Songs With Erik!

ERIK: What am I going to hate?!

* * * * * * *

A/N: So, whadaya think? Be gentle. PLEASE!