"Chris? You're up after the commercial break." I looked over at Mick and smiled. "I'm ready Mick!" I walked over to the curtain as my music began to blare. The crowd went crazy! As I walked to the ring, I slapped fans hands. I heard Lilian get on the mic, "Your WWF Intercontinental Champion, Gage!" I entered the ring and got the microphone off of Lilian. "Thanks, girl." She smiled and exited the ring to sit by JR and Jerry. I brought the mic to my lips and began speaking. "Now, Trish Stratus! You and your T & A can't stop me in my Intercontinental Reign! We'll see who has the last laugh!" I stood there for a second, then T & A's Theme blared through the arena. Trish stood at the top of the ramp as we exchange our fair share of evil glaces at one another. "Now, Mage? Page? Whatever you call yourself. The one who will have the last laugh will be me and my..." She laughed and Test and Albert walked out. "T & A!" Trish approached me and I dropped the mic, ready to fend her off. It was a "fight to the death", if you'd like to call it that way. Leaving Trish a mess and me walking off as still reigning IC Champion. I went backstage and Foley and Debra commented me on my nice work. "Thanks Commishes! Gotta hit the showers." I walked back to the Women's Locker room, saying hello to Ivory and Terri on the way back. No one was in the Locker Room except me. I sat down, unlacing my boots when I heard a knock on the door. I got up and answered it, wondering who it could be. I opened the door slowly. It was Andrew. I had the biggest crush on him, it was nuts! I smiled and asked him what was up. "Can I come in, Chris? I need to talk to you." My mind raced, wondering what he could want with me, a newcomer. But, I let him in. He locked the door on the way in, but I didn't think anything of it. I pulled my hair up quickly and sat across from him. "Chris. Trish really has nothing against you.", he reassured me. " I wasn't sure if she liked me or not, but what brings you here, and not her?" He smiled somewhat slyly, yet it was welcoming. At least I thought it was. He stood up, hands behind his back the whole time. I approached me, picked me up and kissed me. I smiled, not actually knowing what he was doing,and kissed him back. All of a sudden everything began to turn black. I look at Andrew and his smile turned evil. I felt a sharp pain in my back as he let me fall back on the chair. "Who has the last laugh now, Gagey?" I felt behind me and realized I had been stabbed in the back. "Andrew.... Why?... I... loved... you.", I had spoken my last dying words as I watched him leave the Locker Room, like nothing had ever happened.