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End of Resistance

Chapter One

            "Hope and Despair. Light and Dark. Conflict, class. It's a base of life, a fuel that keeps everything moving." The tall, tanned teacher's voice cut clear over the scratchy sound of chalk on chalkboard. It was hard to believe the man was out of college with his lean, yet built body that stood out despite his normal attire. Even though it was English, Mr. Barnsen Noble put more of a physiologic spin to the lessons.

            "Not just that," he continued, turning to the class and wiping the chalk dust from hands to his lean thighs "but also the basis of a great book. Any story you read will depict a degree of conflict, good vs. evil, man vs. nature. Without the hero there can be no villain. With out a villain there is no hero. It's a self-destructive effort." He paused and glanced at the auburn-haired teenager sitting front and center of the class giving the same dreamy eyed gaze that the rest of the girls shown. With a sigh, he adverted his attention to the sleeping blonde in the back.

            "Isn't that right, Mr. Stoppable?"  It failed, as it did every day. Clearing his throat all the girls turned to glare at the unruly, disrespectful teen snoozing away in English.

            "Ms. Possible. Would you mind waking up your friend?" Kim flushed in embarrassment, which soon shifted to anger as she got out of her seat and pulled Ron out of his chair and on to the floor. She wasn't being cruel, it was the only way to wake him. Ron opened his eyes knowing full well where he was when he was welcomed by the laughter of the other kids.


            "I can't believe you fell asleep in Mr. Noble's class today, Ron! The lecture was important, you know you can't fail another test." Ron flinched past her motherly tone as they arrived to their lockers. He opened his locker without a word back to Kim. Eleventh grade so far wasn't being kind to poor Ron. Halfway past the second marking period and Ron already knew he was going to have an issue with the amount of credits he owed to graduate. Perfect Kim Possible, however, had more than enough. With a sigh he grabbed his books and turned to his best, and only, friend.

            "I know, KP, you don't need to remind me." Kim placed a hand on his shoulder.

            "I'm just worried, that's all. I want us to walk down from that podium together. Besides, what has you up all night that you'd have to sleep during the most important period of the day?"

            "It's only important to you 'cuz you get to oogle at Mr. Good-looking," Ron said in a mocking tone. Kim gave him a playful jab, bringing that wide Stoppable grin back. He watched as Kim turned to her own locker grabbing her own books. The locker was adorned with many photos. Pictures of villains and friends and Ron caught himself staring at them with bittersweet feelings. Years ago it was just them and life was perfect. Now, Ron's picture was almost lost in the sea of new faces. For a brief moment he felt a flicker of anger deep in him, which was chased by the emptiness, and fear of being lost from her mind as well. Impossible, Ron told himself. She'd never forget you. After all, you're the one and only Ron-man. He quickly hid behind a grin as Kim surfaced from her locker, closing it with a bang. Ron took a breath and asked "You doing anything after school? We coul-"

            "Sorry, Ron. I'm going to the mall with Monique."

            "I can come with," Ron offered. His face was hopeful, even though he already knew the answer.

            "Can't. We're doing-"

            "I know, I know. Girl stuff." He heaved a sigh and walked towards his next class and soon found Kim walking next to him.

            "What's up, Ron?"

            "Nothing's up. I'm fine. Why would something be up? The Ron-man has it all under control. I'll see you at lunch, ok KP?" Without waiting for her answer he went into his class leaving a confused Kim in the hall. Something was totally up.


            And lunch wouldn't be any better Kim just knew it. Ron was late, her table already filled with chatting friends and trays. She tried to pay attention to them, but her mind was still on Ron. When he did walk in, slouched and already looking exhausted, she breathed a sigh of relief.

            "Monique, I was wondering if Ron could come with us to the mall today." Monique cocked an eyebrow in Kim's direction.

            "Since when did girl stuff include Ron? Does Ron have a secret we should know about?" Kim knew Monique was only kidding but she stilled glared at her. Monique threw up her hand in defense. "Ok, girl, look. How about we invite him next time? I do not plan to be buying my Victoria Secret with him around." Monique was right. Who knows what kind of havoc he would cause in a store like that? The bell rang and Kim stood only to realize Ron hadn't come to sit with her at all. She could see him in the back, on the other side of the cafeteria, walking his tray to the trash. It wasn't long before she made her way to him. He greeted her with a halfhearted grin.

            "Ron, why didn't you come over for lunch?" They reached the hallway before he responded.

            "There was no room."

            "You need to get here sooner then," Kim's tone was playful, but it must have missed him.

            "I'll make reservations next time."

            "What do you mean by that?"

            "Nothing. You're right, KP. It's not your fault you have globs of friends. Look, I'll catch you later." Before he could leave, Kim caught his sleeve and in that moment when he turned his face back to her she saw past his mask.

            "We should talk, Ron."

            "No need. Everything is fine."

            "Everything is so not fine. You need to stop avoiding me."

            "Stop avoiding you?" Ron frowned at her, his eyes narrowing. "Since when have I ever avoided you? The only reason we don't spend any time together is because of you!"

            "Because of me? Ron, don't be stupid!" Ron jerked back.

            "I'm stupid now?"

            "That's not what I meant, and you know it!"

            "Do I? Why do you even care?" The bell rang interrupting the argument and Ron ran into his class. Kim growled and ran to her own class.