End of Resistance


            February snow still clung to the ground despite signs of spring. The birds sang and the trees began to bud in Middleton cemetery. It was a sight, Kim thought. A sight he would have loved. She sighed and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, brushing snow off the headstone in front of her.

            "I miss you so much. It's just not the same without you." Footsteps approached and Kim was soon wrapped in motherly arms.

            "Kimmie, it's time to go."

            "I know, mom. I just need some more time." Her mother nodded and walked back to usher strangely quiet twins to the car. Every morning seemed so empty without his smile to greet her. Ever problem worse without his advice. The house was empty, plain and simple. It had been 2 weeks after the confrontation with Enda that he passed away…but that was almost 3 months from that day and Kim knew she had to move on. It's what he'd want.

"Hey Kim." Ron wrapped an arm around Kim's waist before waving to the gravestone. "Hey Dr. P." She leaned into Ron's warmth, never taking him for granted. Never again. If not for Ron she probably would have never been able to deal with losing her dad. And she found a smile somewhere in the thought. Enda's scheme to separate her and Ron only made them closer and after losing her dad Ron had vowed never to leave her side. Ron had died, came back and fought for her ready to give his life to save her and she loved him for it. She loved Ron for all the things he was and she knew her father would approve. He had always teased her asking when Ron would end up his son-in-law.

Enda was captured soon after Mrs. Possible had brought in the two teenagers. Never again, the police chief promised. Never aging would Enda see light of day. She was dangerous and criminally insane. Somewhere deep under the Arizona she was locked away in a constant deep sleep in a maximum-security top-secret prison facility. Thanks to Kim Possible and her bumbling sidekick Middleton and the world were once again safe.

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